SHOE ETIQUETTE: The Color Collection

by - September 27, 2012

I miss wearing my heels and all the comfy and a few of my pretty ones come from SHOE ETIQUETTE. The shoes that they have are always something to look forward to and the designs are quite unique as well. :)

This week, they released a new collection called, The Color collection! Here are the new pairs they have for you and maybe a colorful addition to your wardrobe...
Php 1, 300
This is actually my favorite. Meet James! It comes in three colors too!:)

If you're into platforms or chunky heels, then Chantal is for you...
Php 1, 475
The pattern is love, right?:)

This will surely remind you of the Wizard of Oz. But the glitters aren't on the body of the shoes, but on the heels. :) Say hello to, Ruby...
Php 1, 390
Banana heels are making a come back, so these will surely make you stand out!

If you want a more classy feel to your outfit, you can try Gia...
Php 1, 300

A lot of fashionistas and celebrities have been rocking the clear shoes. You can too!:)

 Visit: to see the collection. They also have a sale going on, so grab a pair or more now!:)


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  1. I joined her contest but I didn't win. So lucky those girls. I wanna buy James.

  2. avaaaa you lookin sooo pretty :) see you on BU4? :) take care always and am excited for the new baby :)))


  3. I love the banana heels! Ang ganda. =)


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