Have you been Naughty or Nice?

by - December 27, 2012

Show your naughty and nice side with Giordano’s Christmas collection


The time to reflect on making it on Santa Claus’ naughty or nice list has come once again, with the Christmas season and the end of the year drawing near.

Whether you’ve been good or bad, show your true colors by sporting Giordano’s latest line, the Naughty or Nice Christmas Tee Collection.

With over 40 tees and ball shirts to choose from, Giordano’s Christmas Tee Collection offers a unique interpretation of the angel and devil icon variation with its edgy prints on vibrant-colored designed tees. 

Priced from Php799 to Php999, Giordano’s Naughty or Nice Christmas Tee Collection caters to both men and women. 

The Giordano Naughty or Nice Christmas Tee Collection will be distributed in three weekly batches on December 7, 14 and 21, 2012.

Brand yourself. Have you been naughty, 
nice or both? Say it with Giordano’s latest line.

Miss Goody Two-Shoes. Girls can reward themselves 
with this white shirt impressed with a funky angel icon.

Naughty girl. Show your impish side with this bright yellow 
top that screams ‘naughty’ with its playful devil design.


The good fellow. Guys can show off their nice side 
with one of Giordano’s angel tees.

No more Mr. Nice Guy. Tag yourself with Giordano’s
large, edgy print that brings out your dark side.


Partners in crime. Pair up with Giordano’s Naughty or Nice Christmas 
Tee Collection couple shirts and show if you’ve both been good or bad.



Naughty or Nice tees are now priced at Php 799
 Shoulder Ball tees are now priced at Php 999

I personally think I've been NICE, so I picked an open shoulder star tee for me as seen on my recent outfit post. ;) What about you? Have you been NAUGHTY or NICE? All designs are already available, so get a cute tee from Giordano now!:)


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