Instagram Diary # 10 // Weekend via Instagram

by - December 09, 2012

Just a little sneak peek on what I did and acquired over this weekend through an Instagram post. :)

LEFT: Went to SM MoA last Friday with Asher and can't help but go crazy over the cute baby stuff they have over at SM Kids. :) I figured he doesn't have much clothes for going out, so I got him these and of course, a pair of baby boat shoes!^_^
RIGHT: Been saving my GCs from Ensembles, because I go them when I was still pregnant. I wanted to wait until clothes fit me again to use it. Finally, I was able to use it yesterday and got this lovely top that has a pop of neon green to it. :)

LEFT: While people I know have been getting their Starbucks 2013 planner already and a few friends have the Moleskine one, I decided to go for something different and got myself a Muji planner instead. It suits my budget more and I can actually decorate not only the inside, but outside as well. :)
RIGHT: Since I got a new planner, I've been itching to design it already, so I got these cute "scratch & sniff" ice cream stickers at Rustans yesterday. They smell really good!

LEFT: After months of not having this, I was finally able to eat it again yesterday. I love Jollibee's hash brown burger, but I just don't like the fact that I have to wait 18 minutes every time I order it. That takes a lot of patience when you're hungry. But I really missed it, so I gave in. =P
RIGHT: Got this cute rocking horse ear cap yesterday in the mail! I am such a sucker for these. You can say that I have a growing collection of ear caps. They're so adorable!!

LEFT: Yummy Christmas cookies being sold at Glorietta. :)
RIGHT: Cute Christmas decorations over at Rustans. :) Only two weeks left and Christmas is here!! Gosh, where did time go?? 

Just chilling at home today. Happy Sunday, everyone!^_^

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  1. the rocking horse ear cap is so adorbs, ava :)

  2. What I love about your blog is palaging may personal touch! Enjoy palagi magbasa ♥ Hihi cute things you've got over the weekend babe! :)


  3. I miss doing Insta week posts.. been too busy lately.. huhuhu.. :( anyway, love the Muji Planner!! yay! it looks neat! hihihi.. I got Starbuck's planner kanina lang.. Ok lang siya pero medyo hindi ako satisfied. nyahaha :D and oh.. I love Jollibee's Hushbrown too.. super nakakabusog siya! :D

  4. So cute! Can you share whereyou got the earcap? :-) also collecting earcaps...

  5. So cute! Mind sharing where you got the earcap? I'm also collecting them. :-) thanks!

  6. Omg...that hash brown burger looks sinful! o_O At first, just the idea of it, parang nahihilo na ko. But well, you seem to like it so much, how bad can it be? Maybe I'll ask someone to split it with me if ever go to Jollibee (which is almost never, come to think of it). Alam mo naman, pag tanders na like me, tinatamaan na pag masyadong maraming mantika at msg hahahaha!

    You look great post-baby btw! :)


  7. really cute outfit.
    and the decorations
    are adorable.



  8. @EileenTiu Got it from Little Jane :)

  9. There's a lot of cute stuff over at the kids section in SM. So sayang my inaanaks are boys. Ang cute lang ng mga tutu skirts for girls.

  10. Nice choice! I love the top! Infairness, ang bilis lng bumalik ng katawan mo.. parang hndi ka galing nanganak. =) good job! hehhehe.. Thanks for visiting my blog Ava. Take care! mwaaahugs!



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