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Do you have a touch screen phone or better yet an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Then I'm sure you'll enjoy this game that I am about to show you...


Ever since I got a touch screen phone, Athan has been crazy over it and believe it or not, the games I have or would usually download are for his game-time pleasure. I guess having kids make your phone, their very own gaming console when bored. :)

But of course, when I download stuff for him, I take into consideration two things; #1- It has to be educational and #2- Something he would enjoy playing with for a very long time. Kids easily pick up a lot of things, so knowing that, I make sure he absorbs the good kind.


EnviroPop is the latest educational and entertaining time pressured puzzle game. It allows users to digitally rescue endangered sea creatures here in the Philippines from a host of sea hazards such as- dynamite, oil, cyanide, bottles and nets. To win, You tap and swipe your way to save all your cute underwater friends in one minute. :)

Aside from the entertaining factor of this game, you would be pleased to know that while playing this game, your kids could learn the importance of saving our marine life from the dangerous threats around. 


EnviroPop is also in collaboration with the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF- Philippines) and AppLabs Digital Studios. Meaning, when you download this app on iTunes App Store for only $ 0.99 ( around Php 40.00). The proceeds will directly go to WWF- Philippines' marine conservation programs. This game will not only benefit you or your children, but the environment as well. Teaching the next generation how to be good stewards of nature!:)

This is currently an iOS application, but will come soon for Android version. :)

To know more about ENVIROPOP or if you wish to download the app visit the ff:

EnviroPop Website: http://enviropopapp.com
EnvrioPop Twitter: http://twitter.com/EnviroPopApp


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