Instagram Diary # 13 // January and bits of February 2013

by - February 07, 2013

Its been awhile since I last did an Instagram post, so I think it's about time that I do it again!:)

 A few recent pictures of the boys and I. :) The couple shot is when Gersh fetched me after my night classes. Best part of dismissal, I would say! 
Asher is getting so big already! I can't believe he's turning 3 months on the 23rd. Next thing you know, he'll be 1 year old. Athan is turning a year older (5) on May too. Gah! Time flies!

 I finally got hold of The Happiness Project book! I've been hearing good reviews about it. I've started reading a few pages last month and I can say that the drive to do something, like de-cluttering is effective! After reading a part about that, I fixed our room ASAP!:)) I wonder what else I can do with the inspiration of this book. Hmmm. ;) Also got a Rina Design memo pad along with it. I think the design suits me very well. Chic momma!
Saw this super cute Maleficent figure at Toy Kingdom and I just had to take a photo of it. I can't wait for the movie this 2014! Also took a photo of my dainty jeans and nails! Love pastels forever!

 Food: My favorite desserts right now would definitely be chocolate yogurt and chilled taho. Sweet, yummy and healthy too! 
Speaking of sweet, the month of love is here! Check out the lovely flowers! What do you, guys plan to do this hearts day?:D

♥ Crazy in love with Artwine's felt goodies! My uber cute bunny bookmark and carrot keychain! I actually had the lemon version of the keychain a year back. I placed it on my bag. Unfortunately, it got lost and I was so upset. I kinda miss it, so I decided to get a new one!:)
Got two new bags from my Mom last Sunday! She's not here, but she managed to ask my Ninang who visited her at Taiwan to bring these home for me. Love love love! She's supermom! Thank you, Mommy!!!^_^ Happy daughter, I am!

♥ Went to the DLSU University Week Bazaar last night while waiting for my 7:45 class. It was a brief visit, but glad I was able to see my friends booth; Christine Liwag's CRAVE MORE and Beb Ana's ANAGON. :) Do visit them! They'll be there today till Friday!
Was browsing the net when the Hubby alerted me that Karylle had an article on Yahoo Philippines and that my name was mentioned on it. Excitedly, I asked for the link and saw that she credited Keigh, Pax and I as her stylists for Show Time. :) I am really proud to be one of her stylists. Love her!

♥  Like I mentioned above, I went to visit my Beb Ana at her DLSU Bazaar. I love going to her bazaars and just sit down and chat endlessly with her. I can't count how many of her bazaars I already went to, but I am never tired of it! :) See how cool her booth set up is too; a Menu for her accessories! What do you want to order?;) hehe. 
LAST PHOTO: Love you ALWAYS. :) Express your feelings to your loved ones with ANAGON x THE LITTLE THINGS SHE NEEDS' Love Notes! COMING SOON at TLTSN, Eastwood! DO check it out! Perfect gifts for your girlfriends, don't you think? (Throwing hints here!) haha! *wink wink* ;)

To see more of my Instagram post: :)

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  1. Ahhh!! I've always wanted to have that Happiness Project book ♥ Let me know your thoughts about it, babe! :) And yes, Athan and Asher's growing up so fast!! Sobrang cute nila :">


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