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When dining out, I think the least cuisine I eat at would be Filipino. I don't really know why. Maybe it's because Filipino food is...

When dining out, I think the least cuisine I eat at would be Filipino. I don't really know why. Maybe it's because Filipino food is already often served at home or I feel that I can find it anywhere and of course, I already live in the Philippines, so missing the taste isn't really a factor. But when given the chance and when my craving kicks in, I would definitely go for a Filipino restaurant that would leave me wanting more. :)


A perfect example of a good Filipino restaurant would be NAMNAM located at Greenbelt 2, where four of my blog friends; Pax, Beb Ana, Tracy, Sarah and I dined at last Friday night. Both the exterior and interior of NAMNAM is very inviting and a few things that I liked about it was how cozy the ambiance is and the inviting hues of the place. :)


The restaurant is fairly new-opened only last January 2013, so this was the perfect time for us to try something new and we also used this to bond and chill, because we haven't been together for a very long time!

So I guess, you might be wondering what makes NAMNAM different from all the other Filipino restaurants that we've already encountered or eaten at. Well, first, don't you notice that when eating at some Filipino restaurants, you only have the option of either solo serving or family size? At NAMNAM, they actually give you choices of having, SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE. You no longer have to sacrifice your budget if you only want to eat alone or with your family and friends, because of the choices you can make. 

Would you prefer CLASSIC or TWIST?:)

They offer a CLASSIC menu for the familiar taste we know when it comes to Filipino food and they also have a TWIST menu for people who want a fusion of flavours and other cuisine.

What foods did we exactly try at NAMNAM?

Pandan Iced Tea
Ensaladang NamNam (Tinapa flakes, mangga't bagoong, pomelo, native tomatoes, and red onions ) Medium- Php 165
Caramelized Patis Wings (Medium)- Php 255
Pancit Buko

Based on the names of the food, you would notice that there are certain ingredients, such as buko with pandit, caramelized patis wings and pomelo added to ensaladang mangga't bagoong that we're not typically used to. But believe me, they were sooooo good and mixed well together. I never knew that buko can even be added to pancit and I am a huge fan of buko, so this is another great way to enjoy it now!;)

Gising Gising (Sigarilyas, kangkong, coconut cream, chilies, house-made bagoong sautĂ© ) Medium- Php 180

I love Gising Gising and like others, they have that spicy, but good taste and definitely falls under the menu of CLASSIC Filipino taste!

University Fried Rice

This was all our favorite. Even Athan who is a picky eater can't get enough of it! When it was all gone, he still kept saying, "Rice, please! Rice, please!" :))

Sinigang na short ribs and Watermelon (Medium) -Php 365

This is my ultimate love out of the bunch, because not only is Sinigang my favorite Filipino food of all time, but who knew watermelon would taste incredibly good when mixed with it?? Just writing this makes me crave for it already. I wanna go to NamNam now, just to have this. Must try, I swear!

Overloaded Bangus Belly

I cannot even sum up the words after eating the main course that were served to us. They were all equally so yummy and without any biases, I can say that we loved them all. :) I ate Filipino food, but what I truly enjoyed was the variety that they had to offer. 


Last but not the least, we ended our delicious feast, with Leche Flan, which BTW, is one of the best I've ever tasted. What made it unusual was that it had gata and lime sprinkled on it. Best combination, I would say!;)

The aftermath...
 Happy tummy = Happy faces!^_^

The verdict? It was a whole new/different Filipino dining experience. But different in a good way. :) If you're a big fan of Filipino cuisine, then I suggest you give this a try. I'm sure you won't regret it, because I myself don't and even recommend it to my family and friends. :)

Thank you, Nam Nam for the wonderful dining experience! Till next time!

Visit their Facebook for updates: :)


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  1. Yummy!! :) Always a good time dining with friends ♥ Miss you guys!!


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