Aqiva: Fighting the Diet Shift!

by - April 05, 2013

When I became a parent, I suddenly had to do more planning, worrying and thinking, because I wasn't alone anymore. I couldn't just think about what I want or what's best for ME. I now had to think about what's best for my children. From what they do, eat and drink, I have to make sure that it doesn't harm them, but instead benefit their life.

Speaking of what they eat and drink, when Athan was still a baby, he would eat almost anything we give him. Of course, we feed him the healthy stuff, like cereals, veggies, fruits, non-salty crackers, water and as much as possible, we avoid sugary and junk food, because we didn't want him to get used to that. Everything went smoothly from 6 months till he was around 2 years old. But as soon as he reached the middle of his 3rd year and now 4 years old, it's a different story. 

How? Feeding him became more difficult. He's a hyper little man and he brings that even to the dinner table. He would run and play after every spoonful and naturally that would frustrate me, but I thought to myself, "at least he's eating." Another thing is, he became so picky with food. This is where the "I don't like veggies"or "Noooo I don't like that (while covering his mouth)!" comes in. Worst, CAMEL MODE-- The moment when they start stocking up their food in their cheeks and 1 hour later, lo and behold! It's still there!

 photo IMG_9429.jpg
 photo IMG_9430.jpg
Yummy and healthy brunch :)
 photo IMG_9464.jpg
Nutrients board :)

That's why when I got invited for a Food Talk from Wyeth- Aqiva, I knew I just to go to it. I wanted to know what else I could do to convince Athan to eat right or if I was doing something wrong in this process and of course, as a parent, you have to admit that sometimes, you need help from professionals.

 photo IMG_9432.jpg
 photo IMG_9440.jpg
Can I just say, Mikee doesn't look a day over 30. So fresh!

The event was hosted by DJ Delamar Arias of RX 93.1. She welcomed on stage with her, women who are not only experts in their field like her, but who are also mothers. :)

The mom-to-mom discussion on parenting and health tips for their children were led by Aqiva ambassador- Celebrity mom and TV host Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski, Developmental and Behavorial Pediatrics Specialist and Medical Director of Wyeth Nutrition Philippines, Dr. Bernadette Benitez and lastly, Nutrition Expert and Lecturer, Ms. Luz Callanta.

 photo aqiva.jpg

While the talk was ongoing, I was happy to know that like them, who are already experts with children and nutrition, they encounter the same problems as I do when it comes to feeding our child and it's actually a common and daily struggle among mothers who have children ages 4-7. They call this stage as The Diet Shift.

The Diet Shift heightens up at age 4-7 years old. Usually this is when the desire for unhealthy food occurs, because children are more likely to make their own choices, and are able to voice out what they want. They would begin to intake food that do not contain the right nutrients to keep their growth and development on track. We normally can't avoid this, because usually at the age of 4, they start tasting sugary snacks from classmates, and begin craving for fried and crunchy food from the malls, etc. and would prefer these over the food that are ideal for their age. explained Dr. Benitez

Ms. Callanta also added that proper nutrition is needed-the right levels of nutrients and vitamins, but when The threat of Diet Shift strikes, it creates gaps in nutrition. That is why, it is essential at this stage to supplement at-risk nutrients in the child's diet and nutrition.

 photo IMG_9449.jpg
Chef Laudico and Dr. Benitez
 photo IMG_9457.jpg
Vegan Burger- Made from soy and grains with rice pilaff served w/ vegetable sticks and dips
 photo aqiva2.jpg
Very Berry Pops- Cake Pops made from camote cake and berries | Kiddie Canapes- Whole wheat bread with cheese, veggies and grilled or
baked fish and chicken cut and sliced in interesting shapes. :)

With all that being said, we mothers realized that in order for us to teach our children to eat healthy, we must understand why the unhealthy foods appeal to them in the first place. After the talk about The Diet Shift, we were taught by Celebrity Chef Jackie Laudico of Bistro Filipino on how to make healthy meals more enjoyable for kids to eat. :)

She demonstrated to us how to make different shapes with food using cookie cutters. Like the ones you see above, she turned rice into a dolphin and who knew camote can be turned into an attractive cake pop??? Amazing right?? I got Athan to eat this!:)

 photo IMG_9445.jpg
Our kits!
 photo IMG_9452.jpg

The nice thing about the demonstration was we also got to try making our own "kid-friendly dish" :) My good friend Niche and Athan are ready for their sandwich!:)

 photo IMG_9453.jpg
 photo IMG_9459.jpg

Not as appealing. But this is what I came up with!:) Haha!:)) Chef Laudico mentioned to us that the food's visual appeal helps in getting the attention of kids and eventually they would be willing to taste the healthy snack. :) Meal time should be a fun time for you and your kids. :)

 photo IMG_9463.jpg
Aqiva Senior Product Manager Carlo de la Paz with the moms :)
 photo IMG_9465.jpg
Me and Athan :)
Athan's drinking a different milk right now but I'm seriously considering Aqiva as a replacement. because in all honesty, he doesn't like his latest milk (that will mot be named here).=P At least with Aqiva, I can try it out knowing the benefits already. :)

AQIVA: Promoting Fun Ways to Healthy Eating

AQIVA helps supplement nutrients which may be at-risk or inadequate in a child’s diet.  Formulated with A.Q.I. (Adequate, Quality and Important) Nutrients, AQIVA is packed with 40 ingredients including 25 essential nutrients, scientifically designed to support the child’s nutrition as parents teach them healthy eating habits, especially during the Diet Shift phase.

“Mothers need to be creative when it comes to their children’s nutrition. There should be no shortcuts and they should not only focus on making meal times healthy but also fun and enjoyable to the kids,” shared Dr. Benitez. 

Mikee added, “I make sure that I supplement the at-risk nutrients Renzo needs. I don’t want to sneak around concealing vegetables in his food. Instead, I want him to enjoy his healthy meals by using fruits and vegetables to create fun and appealing meal experiences.”
For more information on Aqiva, parents may call the Wyeth Careline at 81-WYETH (81-99384) for Metro Manila, and 1-800-10-884-2222 (toll-free) for provinces.   Parents may also log on to "


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  1. OMGGG Haha Athan's so cute!!! Oh the eating habits of kids! Always a dilemma. I remember my Mom was so frustrated with me din before! :) SOBRANG CUTE NUNG CAMEL MODE!! Hahahaha oh Athan >:D< You're a great Mom, Ava ♥


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