Easter Sunday at Fun Ranch

by - April 01, 2013

Spent Easter Sunday with my loves yesterday at Fun Ranch, Ortigas. This was actually a treat from my Mom. She really wanted to give something to the boys as an Easter gift since she can't be here to celebrate it with us. It was great and timely too, because we haven't been there yet, something new to try!:)

 photo IMG_9397.jpg
 photo IMG_9405.jpg
Seriously makes me want to sing, "Old McDonald had a farm...." :))
 photo IMG_9413.jpg

The place is quite big and has a lot of function rooms that you can choose from, if you were to celebrate a kiddie party there. From first to second floor, aside from rooms, you can also find different family activities you can do and rides. I love how spacey it is for kids to roam freely as well. 

 photo IMG_9395.jpg
 photo IMG_9394.jpg
Art area by Dong-A

We all know the the significance of celebrating Easter Sunday is because of the resurrection of Jesus and we should never forget that. :) Aside from that, people here in the Philippine's also value spending their Easter Sunday doing a little Easter egg hunting with their families. :)

Like my family, we enjoyed yesterday's festivities over at Fun Ranch. They had a program/party first before doing the egg hunt.

 photo IMG_9393.jpg
My Artsy Fartsy Jr. in action!
 photo IMG_9398.jpg
The lone egg!

Got artsy fartsy with Athan over at the Dong-A booth, where we designed our Easter Egg. Athan pretty much did all the work. I just gave him ideas. =P Too bad though, we weren't able to get his artwork, because the Dong-A people didn't give them back. :( On the bright side, the kids really gave their best at creating great artworks. Spot Athan's work on the wall!^_^

 photo IMG_9396.jpg
felt like a farm turned carnival!

Our tickets came with ride-all-you-can, loot bag and snacks. Wasn't able to take a photo of the loot bag, but it was overflowing with goodies!

We got to enjoy unlimited rides. Some weren't covered by the "Ride-all-you-can" ticket. But if you wish to do more at the place, you can pay around Php 50 per ride or game. I'm not sure with the indoor playground though. :)

 photo IMG_9416.jpg
Kidding around with Athan that the bridge was gonna be bumpy route like in the movies!:))
 photo IMG_9407.jpg
Anchor's away! Este, pirates ride!
 photo IMG_9414.jpg
Father and son on a Space Quest!
 photo IMG_9418.jpg
 photo IMG_9411.jpg

Family picture!:) Happy we got one. Thank you, Self timer!^_^

 photo IMG_9412.jpg
 photo IMG_9403.jpg
Egg hunting time!
 photo IMG_9404.jpg

Since more than 60 kids attended the Easter Egg hunt at The Fun Ranch, the egg hunting activity was done by age group (2-4 years old / 5-7 years old...) and we were only given 2 minutes to search for our treasure. Fortunately, Athan and his Dad was able to find one!:)) Seeing his happy face is enough to feel like we got a lot!^_^

All in all, we had a nice time. :) Thank you to my Mom for this generous gift! Athan surely had lots of fun!:) Hope you all had a great long weekend. Happy Easter, everyone!!!


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  3. How fun!!! Asher is so KYOT!!!!!

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