Marks & Spencer: Summer collection!

by - April 29, 2013

Went to see the latest summer collection of Marks & Spencer last Saturday at Shangri-la Atrium and it was actually a breath of fresh air for me, because whenever my mom and I would go to their store before, she'd normally buy lotions, shower gels or food for gifts. My ultimate favourite is actually their All Butter Shortbread biscuits. :) We never really go for the clothes and usually, i'd think they're meant for the older bunch. But after seeing their fashion show, I can now see myself wearing them!

 photo IMG_9711.jpg
 photo IMG_9747.jpg

Of course, I watched it with my blogger friends. I think watching fashion shows are more fun when you're with friends, because you get to connect with them and talk about your favourite outfit or maybe male models *wink wink* from the runway. :))

 photo ms1.jpg
 photo ms2.jpg
 photo ms3.jpg

If you love layering during the summer like me, you can wear the clothes you see above; printed scarves, coloured jeans, and if you're wearing an inner top, you can tie your blouse/polo to give it a more summer-feel. :)

 photo ms4.jpg
 photo ms5.jpg
 photo ms6.jpg

Whether you're into bright or subtle colours, the Marks & Spencer Summer '13 collection has it for you!:) Not just for the ladies, but gents as well! But I must admit that I love colourful more!

What is summer without beach wear, right??

 photo ms7.jpg
 photo IMG_9744.jpg

Can you say sizzling summer, indeed?;) Hot hot hot!

I really enjoyed the show and immediately after that, we went in the store to check out the rest of their summer collection and new stuff that wasn't on the runway.

 photo IMG_9746.jpg
 photo IMG_9745.jpg

The heat is too much for me lately, so when commuting, I can myself wearing the first and third outfit when I go to work or even malling! Laid back, but still chic!

 photo IMG_9749.jpg
 photo ms8.jpg

Women celebrate Spring in style from Marks & Spencer brands M&S Woman, Autograph, Classic, Per una, Indigo collection, and Limited collection!  

They have an awesome Spring/Summer collection out now, so if you love summer you might wanna check it out!

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