SM Kids Fashion: Be Bright, Be Fun, Be Loud!

by - April 15, 2013

The hottest months of the year is here and together with Athan at the SM Kids' Fashion Summer Launch, we had our first taste of summer fun by splashing into their pool party at Dusit Hotel last Friday. :)

 photo IMG_9511.jpg
 photo IMG_9477.jpg

The season of summer was surely seen all throughout when Athan and I got there; from the wonderful sight of  bright and colourful decor of the venue, our clothes, food, dessert and a talk about the latest summer fashion for kids.

 photo IMG_9478.jpg
Yummy dessert table
 photo IMG_9485.jpg
Athan enjoying his chocolate ice cream from mamang sorbetero!;)
 photo summerlaunch.jpg
Inviting for not only the kids, but adults as well. =P

I love how this event allowed families, particularly, mommies and their kids to bond. The kids even had their own set of summer food favourites at the buffet table and of course, who can resist dirty ice cream?? I know the kids and the kids at heart surely can't! Love love love!

 photo IMG_9490.jpg
Ms. Patty Betita and Host Ms. Issa Litton :)
 photo IMG_9493.jpg
Junior Stylists

After our delicious lunch, we had an interesting talk about summer fashion by fashion model and former beauty queen,  Ms. Patty Betita together with her team of junior stylists. All of the girls above are wearing clothes from the latest collection of SM Kids Fashion and they all look equally stunning. It's quite admirable that at a young age, they already know how to style themselves and they know exactly what they want to wear.

Do you encounter kids or specifically, YOUR kids to just get what they want out of their closet or they actually shop for the styles they want? Kids these days sure know what they want. :)

 photo IMG_9495.jpg

Vice President of SM Kids' Fashion, Ms. Jo Dy Juanco mentioned that their Summer 2013 collection is bigger and brighter than before with brilliant hues, bold prints and breezy fabrics. They also have an image consultant who will give some tips on how to be comfortable yet stylish during the summer. :)

She also added that some moms like shopping fast for their kids, so they can also get some shopping done. In those cases, they already have pre-setted the clothes and parents can just grab what they like and wouldn't have to worry, because they'll be arranged according to sizes. Neat, right?^_^

 photo IMG_9497.jpg
With Athan, Krissy, Denise, Marise, Rhea, Jen and Sophie. :)
 photo IMG_9498.jpg

I'm really glad that I am not the only one who enjoyed this fun day, but also the kids as well. :) Athan was just a happy pea that day, because he got to experience his first pool party for this summer.

 photo IMG_9506.jpg
 photo IMG_9504.jpg
 photo IMG_9509.jpg

Thank you, ARC PR and SM Kids' Fashion for a great day!:)

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  1. The event looks so colorful and summery! It shows in Athan face that he had a lot of fun! :)


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