A special day for our boys!♥

by - May 28, 2013

Last May 17, our Athan celebrated his 5th birthday and they say when children celebrate their birthday, parents reach another milestone. True enough, Gersh and I feel very happy that Athan has grown up to be a fine boy. Hopefully it stays that way!;) 

Anyhoo, at the strike of 12 midnight, we excitedly handed him his birthday gift. We've seen kids go crazy over iPads or tablets and Athan has been wanting one for so long. If we're close friends and you've encountered Athan, then he would have most likely borrowed your phone or iPad for games. =P Sensing how much he loves playing games and he's at the right age, we got him his very own Nintendo DS. :)

 photo bdaygifts_zps98fae580.jpg

Aside from that, he also got cool gifts from his grandmothers; a Nerf blaster and Sponge Bob TV game!:) All his dream gifts came true!

 photo IMG_0114_zpse196d799.jpg

The afternoon of his birthday itself, my Mom treated us all to TGI Fridays at the Fort and the sweet crew of Fridays sang our little boy a very energetic happy birthday song!:)

Since May 17 was a Friday, it would be kind of hard to ask people to attend a party due to everyone being busy with their work or school. So, the Hubby and I decided to do Athan's Birthday Party and Asher's Christening on a Sunday- May 19...

 photo baptismal_zpsa3643bfd.jpg

The baptismal took place in the morning at Our Lady of Fatima, Sta. Mesa and I would just like to thank my good friends, Marga, Keigh and Isay for making it. I know it's hard to wake up so early on a Sunday, but thank you for making it to the church!^_^

We decided to stray away from the typical all white ensemble, so he wore his jumper from SM Babies. :) Welcome to the Christian world, Asher!

 photo IMG_0204_zps2d80ef92.jpg
 photo IMG_0197_zps343ef2a5.jpg

Come afternoon, we all headed to The Racks at El Pueblo, Ortigas to celebrate Athan and Asher's day. :) We had a cowboy or ranch theme, so Athan was a cowboy and we dressed up Asher as a cow! hehe!^_^

 photo bdayparty_zps90a825ef.jpg
 photo IMG_0229_zps0b4c6119.jpg
 photo IMG_0275_zps495150b1.jpg

We had games for the kiddies, yummy food, candle blowing on the awesome cupcake tower and the adults got to join in the fun as well! This is also the first occasion of the kids where I got to have my blog friends around. :)

 photo IMG_0280_zpsa28fde34.jpg
 photo IMG_0287_zpse4e5b87f.jpg

I can't believe Athan is 5 years old. I miss the time when he was still a baby, but him turning a year older is also a good thing. At least he's happy and we know we're doing the right thing for him. :)

I wanna thank the people who made time to attend the special day of our boys. I know Sunday is rest day and family day, but thank you for spending it with us. :) Truly appreciate the love!


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  1. Happy Birthday to your son Athan! :) he is so cute. I know how u feel missing then when they were still a baby. Sana nga pede baby na lang sila. :)


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