BTS: Pick Your Poison-Sponge Cola

by - May 22, 2013

There are a lot of things I want to do on my Bucket List, but I never thought the time would come that I would actually make a cameo role in a music video. I'm sure some of you know what I'm already talking about, but if you still don't, here's a few behind the scenes photos and kwentos from our video shoot of Pick Your Poison by Sponge Cola. :)

 photo IMG_9289.jpg
 photo IMG_9286.jpg

Prior to this shoot, we were told to wear shorts and a tank top, because it was going to be a chill out shoot. But on our way there, Tracy told me that there was going to be a little sprinkling of water involved. Already unprepared, I was shocked to see kiddie pools at the venue of our shoot and to top it all off, it wasn't just sprinkles, it was all out basaan! So just see how dry and fresh we look in our outfit. Naka fringe necklace pa talaga ako noh??--the BEFORE look!

 photo IMG_9295.jpg
 photo IMG_9296.jpg

Just a little sneak-peek of the band before our turn!:) I always wanted to know how these shoots go about. Now I know!

Pax, Karylle and Me :) *photo from Beb Ana 

Special thanks to the lady boss for inviting me to this!:) It was great seeing her there! It was also her birthday that same day!

This shoot involved a lot of jumping that I think my tummy turned 360 degrees and of course some groupie vibe. haha!:)) It was really fun though! The girls and I kept laughing!

 photo IMG_9301.jpg
 photo IMG_9302.jpg
 photo IMG_9303.jpg

What is basang basa??:)) Didn't have any extra clothes with me, but it was worth it! Thankfully, Pax had an extra shirt in her car and lent it to me. Love ya, girl!!

Final shot of Yael in the pool!

 photo IMG_9297.jpg
 photo IMG_9298.jpg

And that's a wrap!!!

 photo IMG_9304.jpg
Yael :) *photo from beb Ana 

I remember meeting the guys behind Sponge Cola during our Baguio adventure last March 2012 and they're one of the nicest and humble people I know despite the popularity of their band. Nice catching up again with them, especially Gosh!:)

 photo IMG_9305.jpg
some screen shots of us in the music video :) Thanks to Beb Ana for these! 
Aside from us, there were a few celebrities in the shoot too! Spot them if you can!;)

This was a memorable and fun experience! Watch the video to see! You can also vote for this song at MYXPH! ^_^

*Appear in a music video- check on my bucket list* ;)


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  1. Naks! The shoot looked so much fun! :)

  2. OMG Haha super basa nga kayo!!! Love it! Oo nga mas kita kayo in the Youtube video! Weehoo ♥ Go girls!


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