Candy Style Awards 2013

by - May 13, 2013

I remember discovering Candy Magazine when I was 13 years old and since then, it became my staple magazine throughout my teen years when it comes to the latest fashion, beauty products and articles relating to teen dilemmas. It was truly a best friend. I even joined their cover girl contests. =P But surprisingly, when I got into my 20's, that's when I got the pleasure of appearing in their mag. It was awesome and true enough, no matter what age, once a Candy girl, always a Candy girl!:)

 photo IMG_9898.png
 photo IMG_9894.png

Which brings me to another memorable Candy affair in my life even if I am already 24 years old, I got to attend their Candy Style Awards this year and the theme was PROM! This certainly got all the Candy Girls excited and when my Beb Ana and I got there, they certainly did dress up according to the theme and got prettified! So cute!:)

 photo IMG_9904.png
 photo candy2.png

They also offered activities for the Candy Girls to join such as, Lactacyd and Whisper and those too were in line with your best friends and prom. :)

To be honest, I actually forgot that the theme was Prom. =P *forgetful me -_-* I only realized an hour before the event, but I still managed to wear a dress! So, yes, this is what I wore to the Candy Style Awards. :)

 photo IMG_9901.png

dress: uniqlo
shoes: nine west
necklace: sm accessories

 photo IMG_9924.png
 photo IMG_9945.png
 photo candy1.png

I also bumped into a few blog friends at the Candy Style Awards, like Tracy who was working that night, but still looked stunning in her LBD, don't you think?:) And my ever dapper spontaneous prom date, Paul! Gwapo noh? hehe;) Spotted Tin there also, because she styled the "Whisper Girls" and of course,  the Candy Style Stars; Reese, Verniece & Vern!

 photo IMG_9921.png

The hosts of the event was Justin Quirino and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. They were quite the funny duo that night! It was also cute, because we spotted Jasmine's mom watching her host. Aww!:)

 photo IMG_9915.png
 photo IMG_9925.png
 photo IMG_9942.png
 photo IMG_9959.png

Aside from an evening filled with fashion and fun, we also had Celebrity performers; Candy Armada (Alexander, Rammy, L.A. and Enzo) and Krissy, Ericka, Luigi D' Avola and Elmo Magalona to serenade us with their awesome voices/music. :) 

 photo IMG_9943.png

Meet the Whisper Girls!:) They were actually paired with their best friend and don't the look gorgeous in their prom attires?:) Tin Iglesias did a great job at styling them!

And now, for the moment we've all been waiting for, the awarding of the Celebrity Style Stars 2013! Who are they? Find out below!

 photo IMG_9926.png
 photo candy3.jpg
 photo IMG_9936.png

Most stylish Candy Cutie: Alexander Diaz
Most Stylish Love Team: Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo
Most Stylish BFFs: Bea Binene and Barbie Forteza
Most Stylish Sisters: Erika and Krissy Villongco
Most Stylish Cover Boy: Ivan Dorshner
Rising Style Star Celebrities: Julia Barretto

The second Candy Style Awards presented the new batch of Candy Style Stars...

 photo IMG_9960.png

Fashion bloggers like glam sisters Vern and Verniece Enciso, model Linn Oeymo, TV hosts Julia Sniegowski and Janeena Chan, The Second Shop online store owner Lexi Gancayco, designer Danika Navarro, and musician Reese Lansangan.

 photo IMG_9963.png

To cap off the awarding night, here's to confetti galore!!!^_^ I love it!

This event definitely made me miss my own prom, which was like 6 years ago!:)) Since I wasn't able to  dress up in a prom look for this event, here's what I actually looked like during MY prom...

 photo prom.png

My date back then was my good friend, Nico. :) I wanted to go stag(alone), but he was sweet enough to suggest that we go together since we were friends. Miss this!

Thank you, Tracy, Nikka and Candy Magazine for inviting me to this fun night!


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  1. Hi po! I was there too! :) T'was fun!

  2. ang cute ng JS prom pic mo ava!! :D hihi CSA ka rin pala! the fiance graduated CSA 2002 haha :) tanda na sya, malamang di mo na sya naabutan :p

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