CIF: Always a Beautiful Ending

by - May 15, 2013

Being a Mom it's a must to know how to clean. You have to be particular on the surroundings that your baby or child will play at and things that they would most likely touch. Of course as a young Mom, I'm less knowledgeable about these things, so fortunately, I learn from the expert and the one who gave me life, my very own mother!:) She's a neat freak, to be honest and one of the products I saw her using for cleaning while growing up was, CIF. :)

 photo IMG_9973.jpg
 photo IMG_9974.jpg
CIF CREAM comes in surface cleaner/multi-surface cleaner
and in original or lemon variant

Since the brand is not new to me and our family believes in its cleaning powers, I went to this event without hesitation, because I already knew the wonders it could do. But I wanted to know the opinion of my fellow mommas too! :)

 photo IMG_9978.jpg
 photo IMG_9977.jpg

Aside from the Cif products, we were also introduced to their special guest and also a mother, Mrs. Suzi Abrera. She shared stories with us on how and where she uses Cif. You can practically use it anywhere the house, because it's tough on cleaning and you only do minimum effort. 

I guess you might think I'm just promoting them that's why I'm saying all these positive things about Cif, but no! I'm actually stating facts. When Athan writes on our bedroom wall with crayons, the first thing that would come to mind in removing all that mess would be Cif! It truly removes those marks. If that doesn't seem convincing, here are photos from the event of the Cif people testing the product...

 photo cif.jpg

The cream one is Cif, while the blue liquid is brand X. You can see that Cif worked faster and cleaned the tile totally. Since brand X can't finish the job, both tiles were cleaned with Cif. How spotless, right?

 photo IMG_9989.jpg
 photo IMG_9990.jpg

Mommy bloggers taking a BEFORE photo before proceeding with the cleaning!

 photo cif2.jpg
L: Before R: After results! 
(the remaining brown stain left is actually the adhesive of the tape stuck onto the board and not the coffee)

There were so many stains to choose from, but I decided to go for the dried coffee stain, because it seemed difficult to remove. Plus, we all know how common this happens to glass tables. But as you can see on my pictures above, none left! Clean as a whistle!

 photo 906424_519165048140951_1409422792_o.jpg
*photo from Cif FB* :)

Me and my new found Mommy friend, Jeanne Marfal were amazed that we just had to take pictures of our cleaning skills with Cif!:) Yes, nag linis kami!:))

 photo IMG_9995.jpg

For a cleaning material event, you'd think it was dull, but no again! Because aside from the fun cleaning (no joke!), awesome food, good company, they also gave out awesome prizes! Look someone won a flat screen TV!! How? We were asked to write our Mother's Day letter and she had the best one. Awww!:) Congratulations!

 photo IMG_9996.jpg
 photo IMG_9997.jpg

Thank you, Cif Philippines, Niche and Paul (my spontaneous date yet again!^_^) for a fun afternoon!

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  1. Hi Ava! what camera are you using? And I like the color of Niche's camera. What is it? Thanks. Always supporting and reading your posts


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