My Make Your Havaianas 2013 Experience!

by - May 01, 2013

I've seen and heard about Make Your Own Havaianas from different forms of media before and it happens every year, so naturally I always wondered what it would be like to make my very own pair of Havaianas. That's why when I got invited to attend their Press/Media Launch yesterday, I immediately said "YES!" in a heart beat!:) How can I resist such an awesome event??

 photo IMG_9759.jpg
 photo IMG_9761.jpg

Seeing those white doors while I was registering at the counter initially made me think that once I open them, it would lead me to the venue itself where I can make my own pair of Havaianas. But no! I was surprised to see a dark room with glowing pairs of Havaianas on the wall!:) It was so pretty! I wanted to stay in there for a long time and we were actually allowed to!

But of course, I wanted to know where my imagination will take me, so I went inside to see...

 photo IMG_9762.jpg
 photo IMG_9763.jpg
 photo IMG_9769.jpg

The first thing that caught my attention when I got in was the uber cute set up of Cupcakes by Sonjas. They even made mini Havaianas as cupcake toppers! How adorable, right??^_^ Aside from that, it's always been on my bucket list or at least just really want to drink in these glass jars and finally I was able to! They're so cute! I think almost everything that night was cute for me. :))

 photo myoh13.jpg

Since Havaianas is known to be one of the best flip-flops brand, the whole place was decorated with what else? Flip-flops!! From the photo wall, cupcakes and even the hot air balloon! Can you guess how many pairs of Havaianas they used??:)

 photo IMG_9768.jpg

It was a good decision that I brought Athan with me, because he too enjoyed the yummy food, hot air balloon (Where he spent almost the whole night) and colouring activity. :) Havaianas surely created a fun night for all ages.

 photo IMG_9776.jpg

They had DJ Callum David spinning during the launch and look! He's wearing his very own pair of Havaianas too!:) We were actually asked to wear our Havaianas for this event, so most of the people came in slippers. :)

And of course, before the MYOH started, we got to meet the man behind the design of the first Make Your Own Havaianas glow-in-the-dark commemorative pair...

 photo IMG_9782.jpg
Meet Filipino illustrator and Havaianatico, Dan Matutina!:)

 photo DanMatutinaCommemorativePair.jpg

The Dan Matutina + Havaianas, available in carbon blue sole, features spacemen with space markers connecting the stars to form images--representing how Havaianas enables everyone's creativity and imagination to take off to greater heights. In the ultimate celebration of self-expression that every Havaianatico has come to know, Havaianas will be intensifying this year's Make Your Own Havaianas by recognising everyone's creativity through You + Havaianas.

You + Havaianas is the brand's first major crowdsourcing contest where everyone will be given the chance to submit a winning design, which will become a limited edition style for the Havaianas 2014 Collection. 

This contest is open to all Filipino Citizens who are 15-45 years old and to know more about it go to: :) Let your creative juice flow! Who knows, your design might be the next IT flip-flops. :)

And now for the moment of truth and what the people have been waiting for, it's time to MAKE YOUR OWN HAVAIANAS!!!

 photo IMG_9775.jpg
 photo IMG_9791.jpg
 photo IMG_9788.jpg

If you're puzzled on what colour would be perfect for your sole or strap, just turn the wheel of fortune Havaianas and you'll get an idea of what you might like or help you decide. :) Also the pins are already available on the side, so you know what they really look like up close and personal. =P And once you have decided, fill-up your MYOH "menu". ^_^

I wanted my very first pair to reflect my personality, so I picked lime green for my soles and violet for my straps. :) I chose the SLIM, BTW, because my feet are kinda narrow/small. :)

 photo IMG_9792.jpg

When you've picked out everything, you're assembler will put together your flip-flops for you! This process took longer than expected, so while waiting, I did what any blogger would do... I grabbed the opportunity and took photos!

 photo IMG_9787.jpg

I was so fortunate, because the people beside us getting their Havaianas assembled as well was, Ms. Jenni Epperson herself and her lovely daughter Aryanna!:) I am such a fan! Please let me indulge in my fan girl-ing moments! Minsan lang toh! She's my lifestyle-blogging guru! I've seen her in a couple of events in the past, but never had the guts to ask her for a photo. It's a dream to finally have a photo taken with her, so thank you, Krissy for taking this!!:") Excuse my goofy look... I am over the moon!

 photo friends2myoh13.jpg

I also bumped into a lot of friends during this event and that was another thing to be happy about. :) Especially the ones I haven't seen in such a long time! It was nice seeing all of you!

 photo friendsmyoh13.jpg

The blog friends with their awesome pair of Havaianas!

And here's me! Happy with my very own Artsy pair!

 photo IMG_9797.jpg

I got the Paisely and Bow for my pins!^_^

If you're a Havaianatico or you just want to try this for fun, you can check out Make Your Own Havaianas on MAY 2-5, 2013 at the Rockwell Tent, with simultaneous executions in Laog, Subic, Batangas, Naga, Cebu, Bacolod, Boracay, CDO and Davao. :)

Thank you, Havaianas Philippines, Geiser Maclang and Niche for inviting me at this fun filled launch!


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  1. I love the cupcakes there.. What a wonderful event!

  2. Always great seeing you, Ava!

    At syempre, pag may ganyang moment na you see your idol, grab it na and pa-picture agad!! So sana makasalubong ko my love Nate Ruess one of these days haha :p

  3. feel so inggit!!! was supposed to go but mom's bday goes firs. sana next time :D

  4. This is so funny, so many people were at the event we didn't even get to see each other!! Grabe. Sayang! Hope to see you soon though! :) Super loved all of the food they served at the event. We kept grabbing something whenever the kuyas with the trays passed by hahaha.

    Megann, Style Surgery

  5. AWWW Love you babe!! :) Haha super fun event with you guys ♥ Your pair is so "Artsy Ava" talaga. Can't wait to see you wearing them :">

  6. Everything looks adorably cute! The decorations, the food and all the flip flops you designed!


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