#BU5: Through Social Accounts :)

by - June 02, 2013

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Believe or not, I am still on Bloggers United 5 high!:) It was just so overwhelming to meet my awesome readers and to actually interact with them in person. I can't express how giddy, happy and kilig I get every time someone approaches me and let me know they read my blog. I felt so much love and support and I just want to say, Thank you thank you so much!^_^ It inspires me to blog longer and do better. Seriously, I prepared for this bazaar for months and made me busy and was tiring. But you made my 5th BU experience so worth it!:) I love you, guys!!!

 photo 182930_10152856320950442_1227872308_n_zpscdd8dcbb.jpg
Athan helping me out with my "artsy fartsy" paper bags!
 photo 969744_10152856997150442_2098004739_n_zps9373619b.jpg
designed paper bags for you all! 

I got the chance to browse my social accounts and I'd like to thank the ones who tagged me with our photos together. I was so busy during #BU5 that I didn't get to take so much pictures. But because of your tags, I got to compile some photos and post it here!:) Thank you! 

 photo bu5_zps638934a7.jpg
 photo BLvrBAYCUAAfVjK_zps1a0156f8.jpg
Paandar: tilt head photo with Alrenz!^_^
 photo bu5twitter_zps97ca6ec4.jpg
 photo bu5pix2_zpsf8cf9b14.jpg
 photo bu52_zps84c7fdc5.jpg
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Thank you so much, Carissa, Maf, Kowrah, Alrenz, Caryl, Eieiogen, Rosette, Monica, Jennilyn, Hayna, Alexandrine, Ahlex, Nato, Louise, HJ and Cheska!:) A blog wouldn't be as successful without its readers!:) I appreciate each and everyone!

A glimpse of my outfit during Bloggers United 5 on Instagram. :)

 photo 970405_10152858036110442_1711644084_n_zps678661a0.jpg
 photo 7185_10152859719305442_829445856_n_zpse70bb5c2.jpg

Thank you so much, babe Christine Liwag of Crave More for this awesome LIVE necklace! Bet na bet! Perfect for my outfit!

 photo arniekookiehonbu5_zps4d025f39-1_zpsad7efef0.jpg

Photo grabbed from Arnie!:) With Arnie, Kookie and Honey. Love you, girls!!

 photo 946950_10152859201280442_977019942_n_zps7228e106.jpg

My booth and other booths I spotted at Bloggers United 5; The School of Satchel, S&H and Globe!:) Oh and I'm a proud selected Globe GCASH Blogger too! ;)

 photo 389214_10152859242450442_369257018_n_zpsc1092b44.jpg

Some gifts I got during the bazaar---

Brownies from Monica and Nato!:) Thank you so much for taking the time to get me a gift! These are my favorite! And for the hand written note, I love it all the more! // Red Ribbon GC from Green Bulb PR! Thank you, Andrew! // Nivea goodies! Thank Mikki and Nivea! // Handmade friendship bracelet from Shine Andrade!:) I told her I loved what she was making and instantly gave this to me! :-* love you! // Fragrance swag from Ms. Zen Zest! Thank you!! Can't wait to use these in our rooms!

Thank you so much again!!:) Will do another #BU5 post soon! If you can tag me with our photos, I'll include it there as well!:) Thank you!!


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  1. Thanks for this lovely Ava ♥ Sooo happy to see my name and photo with you in this post. See you to the next installment of BU. ♥

  2. Thanks Ava till next #BU6 and my name was here thank you =)

  3. Ms. Ava! Thank you ulit! :-) See you next time. Happy to finally meet you.


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