Da Vinci's Workshop

by - July 27, 2013

Leonardo Da Vinci was a well known inventor and artist in his time and even up to this day, he still is acknowledged as a genius, amazing man and an epitome of Renaissance ideals. But we all know that it's not possible to see his actual works, like his prominent paintings, unless you're in Paris France. But fortunately for us here in the Philippines, SM Family Entertainment Center, Inc. (FECI), in partnership with Aurea International Exhibits of Argentina, gives us the chance to view in person 64 prototype inventions and paintings of the great Italian Renaissance man and have an interactive experience through Da Vinci's Workshop. :)

 photo IMG_1038_zps84a20d36.jpg
 photo IMG_1016_zps02d68325.jpg

The exhibit is actually interesting, because it strays away from the boring class room setting. You get to touch and tinker with the different displays that have. What an awesome way to learn, right? I'm sure your kids will love it, because mine surely did!

In case you're curious and want to bring your kids, here's my photo diary of some of the cool displays that I saw there and enjoyed as well...

 photo IMG_1032_zps77adfc60.jpg
 photo IMG_1028_zpsbceb800f.jpg
 photo IMG_1026_zps99e1b552.jpg

A few of Leonardo's famous flying machine inventions. Truly the man had an interest in aviation. :)

 photo IMG_1018_zps47b8d159.jpg
 photo IMG_1010_zps48b85503.jpg
 photo IMG_1019_zpsf0eff749.jpg
 photo IMG_1033_zps3c54c975.jpg
 photo IMG_1020_zps285cb643.jpg

I know that Da Vinci was an inventor, but I didn't imagine even for a split second that he had this much work! I was in awe while touring the exhibit, because we actually use now in present time the things he invented centuries ago. 

 photo IMG_1015_zps777b7dbf.jpg
 photo davinci2_zpsf0168e39.jpg
Athan sitting in the Armoured Tank and with the other inventions :)
 photo IMG_1011_zps3006011e.jpg
Build your own bridge :)

This is actually a rare opportunity to experience firsthand the incredible works of Leonardo Da Vinci through this workshop. A very educational and fun way to teach my son. :)

 photo davinci3_zpsc1cf6701.jpg
Da Vinci's famous works: The Mona Lisa and Vitruvian Man
 photo IMG_1027_zps37c771e2.jpg
Da Vinci's bike 
 photo IMG_1025_zps89505b40.jpg
Da vinci's Ideal City
 photo davinci_zps18616a95.jpg
L-R: Diving suite and Aerial Screw

He contributed so much to our world. Through this exhibit, I saw Da Vinci as an artist, engineer, scientist, architect and inventor. I recommend that you bring your family along. :)

 photo IMG_1031_zps57a3c8f0.jpg

The exhibit will be held at the 2nd level Exhibit Hall South Side Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia until January 2014. :)

Athan and I had a great time. :) Thank you, Full Circles Communication for inviting us to this!:)

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  1. Sooo sad I missed this!! :( Gotta see Da Vinci's works live!! So nice they're having this til January 2014! No rush sa pagvisit hehe!

  2. So people are allowed to bring cameras inside and take pictures of the exhibit?


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