D.I.Y. Attack!

by - July 12, 2013

After fetching Athan from his school this morning, I spent the rest of the afternoon with him at Chihuahua restaurant in Greenbelt 2 for the "Creating art for a cause" Cheap Monday event. :) I've actually heard about Cheap Monday's D.I.Y. tote bags, because some of my blog friends were a part of it. But even so, I still didn't know what to expect what they had prepared for us. :)


To start it off, we had a gastronomical Mexican lunch. I had the grilled veggies tacos, which are incredibly new to me and they were awesome!:) Perfect for vegetarians out there. It's quite heavy on the tummy too.


Just a brief background about Cheap Monday--it originates back in Sweden that made their own brand of quality, unwashed, and tight-fitted stretch denim for a highly affordable price, hence the name. Cheap Monday officially became a brand with full-scale collections in 2005. A brand born out of a D.I.Y. philosophy and propelled into popularity by unconventional ideologies, Cheap Monday is an influential force both in fashion and arts.

This season to celebrate art and promote creative expression, Cheap Monday has partnered with Sharpie Permanent Marker has prepared a series of activities dubbed as the Cheap Monday Vignette.

Bratpack GB5

Like I mentioned above, I heard about this through my blogger friends who joined their designing activity and their works have been displayed around different malls. From today till July 14th the caravan will take place at Bratpack of Greenbelt 5. If you haven't seen them yet, check  out some of their tote bags together with other prominent people in the fashion industry on the photo above; I spot Paul The PR Guy and Pax's bag!:) 

All artsy individuals are invited to purchase their very own Cheap Monday canvas bag and design and personalize it any way you please. The proceeds of this event will go to Dire Husi Initiatives Inc., a youth organisation advocating local creativity. :)

Freedom wall!
So cream and clean! MUST.ADD.COLOR.NOW. haha!:))

You just need to purchase a Cheap Monday tote bag, which is I think costs around Php 300+ and with that you already get free Sharpie markers and for every bag sold, Php 100 goes to Dire Husi Initiatives Inc. :) Imagine, you're doing something fun and helpful at the same time!

Oh and on the 13th, drop by Bratpack GB5 for the "CHEAP PARTY". :) Guests can enjoy art installations, great music, and cocktails!


Nice to see friendly faces!:) Hi SephKrissy, Bea and Guia!^_^

Friends from Meg Magazine; Bea and Guia's work :)
Hi to my "artsy-mates"; Seph, Bea, Guia and Marco? (if I remember correctly?) :)
back to work!

Of course, I just have to share how happy I am that press and media people that day also got to design their very own Cheap Monday tote bag!^_^ The Artsy Fartsy in me couldn't let this pass! It's a must! It was fun!


And naturally, my little one can't help but join in the artsy fun!:) That's him coloring my thought bubble for the Sharpie x Bauhaus freedom wall. He even said I missed some spots heeee!=P Look at him go!:)


My finished product!:) It's basically abstract and just expressing myself and what I had in mind for the tote bag right that very minute. =P What do you think?

The final leg of the Cheap Monday Vignette will be held at the Abreeza Mall in Davao on July 27-28. So calling all the people at Davao who want to express their talents, show them what you've got through this designing activity and just enjoy the fun!:)

Thank you, ARC PR and Bauhaus for a delightful and artsy afternoon!:)

Cheap Monday products are available in all Bauhaus concept stores and select Bratpack branches. 
Visit BAUHAUS PH for more info!

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  1. Today was fun! Thanks for coming, Ava! ^_^

  2. Oh, this is so cool! Kaso I'm not good at drawing so medyo afraid ako to do this haha. Love what you created! <3

  3. Ahhhh ang cute ng design mo for your bag, love!! :) Haha very you!! ♥

  4. The finished product is so cute! :) knowing that you love love diys and doodling, im you had loads of fun!

  5. hi ava, saw da pic of your very cuuuuute trinkets in krissy's blog, do u mind sharing where u got them? thanks :)

  6. woooow! this looks like a fun event!!! :D your bag looks cute indeed! You're very creative!! :D

  7. waaa want to try this too! its so cool..

  8. Hi!:) I got them from toy kingdom :)

  9. Who is to say na you're not good??:) art is how you see it!:) TY, Sai!!

  10. aww thanks as always, babe!!:)

  11. You have a point. I guess sharpies and pens scare me haha.


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