Giordano Monsters University Fair!

by - July 01, 2013

Being in college, I can say that the first year was fun. But of course now that I'm in my last year, I have to honestly say that it's beginning to get stressful, works get piled up and there would a lot of studying to do. I'm sure you, guys who are or have been through college know what I'm talking about. Luckily, I got to break away from the monotonous kind of school and I enrolled myself to a fun day at the coolest university in town last Saturday; Giordano's Monsters University at Trinoma!:) 

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Enter the prestigious iron gate and let Mike and Sully welcome you! After that, you immediately go to the table above to take your ID picture and from there, you're officially enrolled for FREE! :) I came late to the fair, so you can call me a late enrollee!=P

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Feeling at home at my locker! Ironic that I seem too blue and white, because I'm from CSB. =P But still, go team M.U.!^_^ haha!

First class for me and my classmates Ana and Arnie was Screamology! We got A+ for our grades here! I think we can pass as scientists, right?;) 

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 photo IMG_0843_zps62340eb2.jpg

And meet our youngest student, Syrena!:) She's Wonder Woman Rises'(Angel) daughter and she's oh-so-adorable!^_^ She has school spirit, that I can tell you! Count her flags!

And they also have art class and my favourite, face painting!

 photo mu_zpsed6b85c9.jpg

I really wanted to have Mike Wazowski on my arm, but I was going to commute and I was terrified the paint might smudge on my white outfit. -_- But I wish I just did it! Now I regret not having it done, so good thing I got to take a picture of Ruth's monster-Celia. :) Cute!

 photo IMG_0846_zps38062948.jpg

Spotted at School of Rawr, my fellow schoolmate, Vergil!:) He's really rocking that Guitar Hero drums! 

Back at the classroom, I took Monster 101 with my girls; Christine, Ana and Arnie!:) We're just chilling while waiting for our teacher...

 photo IMG_0839_zps624507c6.jpg
 photo IMG_0855_zpsd1ccba7e.jpg
 photo IMG_0858_zps721badcb.jpg

Meet our professor, Madam Ruth! Can you see how much we have to memorize?? But she was a great teacher that we aced it! oh yeah! haha!:))

Another subject we all loved is Field of Screams!

 photo mu3_zps059c42d9.jpg

Spot Gerd Perez and David Guison showing their awesome dance moves! Woot! For the girls and I, we did bowling. Awesome right? What school has bowling for their P.E.??^_^ Witness my happy fez, because I was able to strike! The monster behind me is happy too! Haha! Thank you, Beb Ana for the photo!

 photo mu2_zps36366618.jpg

No University is ever complete without the Freedom Wall where students can express their opinions and views. For us, we love Giordano!

 photo IMG_0859_zps99d81367.jpg

With Sean of Havas PR!:) Thank you for inviting us, Sean!^_^ This is the first time I encountered a stress-free school! We had such an awesome time! 

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 photo IMG_0842_zps4b1bca98.jpg

The Giordano x Monsters University clothes was available at the fair too! But I'm still on the search for the cute cheerleader-like dress that they have. Hoping I can find one soon! BTW, have you seen one?? Please let me know what branch!^_^ I would love you for it! hehe. :)

 photo IMG_0835_zpse6e1c5f7.jpg

Monsters University Class of June 29, 2013!:) 

 photo 421889_10152951659220442_996521160_n_zps94e0110d.jpg

If you weren't able to catch the Giordano Monsters University Fair last June 29 & 30 at Trinoma, don't you worry! Because they'll be having another one this July 6 & 7 at Mega mall A Showcase area and you can enroll yourself as well!:) I'm sure you'll have a blast! I plan to enroll Athan next!;)

Thank you, Giordano and Havas PR for inviting me to this fun school day!:)


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  1. Ang cool. May ID pa talaga! I cannot wait to watch the movie! I hope I get to watch it this week. :)

  2. Bongga pag ganito classes that we need to attend everyday!! Won't get tired of playing all those games :D Haha super fun with you and our "classmates" hehe! Love you always xx

  3. Awww. I was supposed to go here but as usual I have a shoot. Didn't get the chance to HOHOL haha :) Itong university pala yuuuun! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Aaaaw... Fun!!! Thanks for the mention dear! It was nice to see you guys!!! ;)


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