SM Babies goes green!

by - July 18, 2013

When it comes to being a mother, you would always want the best for your babies. Even when they're still in your womb, you constantly get them checked at the doctor, you watch what you eat and you take really good care of yourself, so your baby comes out healthy. Same as when they're already born, we moms look out for their welfare and for the perfect stuff for them. 

Baby boy munching on bread :)

Which makes me happy to say that most of the needs of my children, I can find at SM and just last Wednesday, The SM Store introduced to us moms their new range of eco-friendly baby clothing through SM Babies and officially launched their new Organic Collection. :)

Nicole and Amanda giving their talk about their pregnancy and healthy lifestyle :)
Nicole + her son, Ms. Jo Dy Juanco-Vice President for Children's Fashion Management Corp. and Amanda + her son :)
With the "IT MOMS" Nicole Hernandez Delos Angeles and Amanda Griffin-Jacobs and our baby boys!:)

It's a fact that the environment nowadays isn't like how it was before and given that, we have to take extra care of ourselves and our family. We need to be more cautious and despite organic being more pricey than the regular or what we're used to, going organic means a guarantee of better living. 

Celebrity mommies Amanda Griffin-Jacob and Nicole Hernandez Delos Angeles are both firm believers of a healthy/sustainable lifestyle and are supportive of SM Babies' environmentally-conscious move. Both mothers consider their pregnancy as a wake up call to a healthier lifestyle and I totally agree with them on this one; live healthy and happy. Just look at how gorgeous they are along with their adorable boys. ^_^

To achieve that all-natural lifestyle, SM Babies presents its latest line of organic wear to all the moms out there. Free from any harmful chemicals or processes, the line is a new addition to their regular, chic and affordable baby apparel.

Hi Tita Krissy!:)
Me and my boys!:)
A wide selection of bibs, rompers, cloth diapers, and beanies. :)

Each article of clothing is composed of 100% organic cotton containing no toxic residue obtained from plant pesticides, herbicides, or processing compounds. The ultra-soft, hypoallergenic fabric keeps babies snug and comfortable without the potential for causing irritation. For SM Babies, they're not doing this, because organic is the hype or IN thing nowadays, but because they believe in keeping with their commitment to provide the best for mothers beginning with their babies. 


I've been wanting to try out organic clothes for Asher and finally, I have a wide selection to choose from, because of SM Babies. :) Truth be told, this is an added eye opener to my mission to a much natural lifestyle for my family. We all need to shift to being healthy, because we only not take care of ourselves but our family as well. :)


The SM Babies organic collection is currently available under SM-exclusive brands, St. Patrick and Tiny Tummies at SM Stores nationwide. :)

Thank you, ARC PR and SM Babies for inviting me to this wonderful event. :)

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  1. organic clothing, first time i've heard of it, actually. well good thing na i get to be aware na about these stuff for when the time comes. ahahahaha! early prep. hahahaha!


  2. Super nice talaga that brands now exert effort to make "green" products! Perfect 'to especially for the kids talaga :) Miss you babe and Athan and Asher :'( see you soon please!


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