Ramen x Mochi!

by - August 12, 2013

Japanese food is one of my favourite cuisines. I think I could see myself eating their food forever and it's quite timely for my cravings that I got invited to try the newly opened ramen restaurant over at the Podium called Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House

 photo mochicream2_zps2d5f41f6.jpg

It's at the 5th floor of Podium and this is actually only my second time to eat ramen, but I think I already fell in love with their Tan Tan Men ramen. Their menu specifies it as the spicy kind, but for me it's not the tongue-burning kind. It was just right. :)

 photo IMG_1104_zps55c49718.jpg
 photo IMG_1105_zps882652e8.jpg

The texture of the noodles and flavor of the soup was just perfection! I was so glad that I didn't miss out on trying this. :)

Oh and just so you know, you better go there early, because when they've already served their 100th bowl of ramen, whether that be just 4PM or 8PM or a far cry from closing time, they will officially stop serving ramen and you would have to wait another day to have it. 

 photo IMG_1106_zps0403a395.jpg
 photo IMG_1108_zps0baf6c0b.jpg

BUT, just in case you really weren't able to make it in time for the ramen, they also have other food on their menu such as rice bowls and salads. :)

 photo IMG_1110_zpsbd2a6878.jpg

Happy bloggers and our happy tummy! But wait! It doesn't end there!:) With a scrumptious Japanese dinner also comes super yummy dessert!

So yes, we hoped to Mochi Cream's kiosk that was just a few steps away from Shitamachi and had a taste of their mochi!:)

 photo IMG_1114_zps5283c2a2.jpg
 photo IMG_1111_zpscc081c83.jpg

There were so many flavors to choose from that I didn't know where to start! At first I wanted Chocolate, then Green tea, then white chocolate and...ahhh! I felt lost! haha!:)) But in the end, I made up my mind with Banana Chocolate and it was sooooo good! They used real puréed banana and even had little chocolate chip bits inside. ^_^ *cravings*

 photo mochicream1_zpsa87da8d9.jpg

You can also order a box of 12 to take home with you. :) I myself think I want a box just full of Banana chocolate. =P Oh and they're opening a Mochi Cream cafe over at Makati soon, so watch out for it!^_^

Thank you to my love, Arnie and Sir Allan for inviting us to this! My tummy is currently hungry again!:))


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  1. WEEE ♥ Super happy you guys went there! Thank you for coming :) Love you!!! Still super sad I missed the archery game >.<

  2. Aww don't worry, love! :D May next time pa yun for sure!

  3. I was supposed to go but I had driving class! :( Will try that place nga! Sarap pa naman ng mainit na sabaw pag tag-ulan.. Hehe! Miss you! <3


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