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by - September 15, 2013

If you're the type who wants to try something new in terms of food, then you'd probably like to try out the Food Truck Park located at Capitol Commons. They have food trucks lined up on Tuesday to Friday of September and you'll be able to experience new gustatory adventures by going through the different food offerings from the Philippine Food Truck Association. 

 photo IMG_8633_zpsc26ab36d.jpg
 photo IMG_8620_zps4ea0c71b.jpg
Amazing Cones: Pizza in a Cone

The culinary adventure includes fusion comfort food from Hungry RoverKebabs and Wraps from Shawarma Bros., Homemade burgers from Big Bite Avenue, and unique gelato flavors from Mio Gelato, and many more!

Since the Blog friends and I love trying out new things, we jumped into this one as well. Beb Ana, Paul and I tried a few of the trucks there and even Athan enjoyed this new sight. :) It's definitely a place to go food-tripping, so make sure to bring your friends of officemates after work. :)

 photo IMG_8621_zps29540f2b.jpg
live band
 photo IMG_8626_zps19bfe353.jpg
sit down the traditional way or on the grass!

You can also enjoy a live band while eating. You can either eat while sitting down on chairs with tables or if you want to stray away from the norm, eat picnic-mat style and sit on the grass!:)

 photo IMG_8628_zps3c836878.jpg
Pauly with our "mini" pizza cones ^_^
 photo IMG_8627_zps884e430a.jpg
Ice cream!

One of the food trucks we tried out was Amazing Cones: Pizza in a Cone and I really loved their ice cream and Taco Wacko Pizza cone. Super good!:) Thank you so much, to our guy Pauly for treating Ana and I to awesome Pizza!;)

 photo IMG_8624_zpsb2d7e56d.jpg
Hello there little chef!
 photo IMG_8629_zps211da295.jpg

Another one was I think from Big Bite Avenue. We had the Crinkle fries and Fire Fries and they were  pretty good too!:) I regret not trying their burgers. :( I shall the next time I come back!:) Spot Athan inside the "kitchen" of the truck hehe. :))

 photo IMG_8641_zps5b12b361.jpg
Hungry Rover 
 photo IMG_8638_zps2149d9fa.jpg
 photo IMG_8637_zps7751af9d.jpg
Spotted a few online friends!:) Hello!!
 photo IMG_8639_zps92c5735f.jpg
Inside the Hungry Rover food bus: Ana, Athan and Paul :)
 photo IMG_8642_zps3891cea2.jpg

Last stop for the friends and I was the Hungry Rover. :) We had some Cheese Nachos and Nachos Salad. I must say among the two, I liked the Nachos Salad best!:) They have awesome rice meals, which again, I have to try the next time I come back. :) You can also dine inside their tour bus! That's one thing different about their food truck among the others. :)

 photo IMG_8636_zps45b60076.jpg
My food-mates!:)
 photo IMG_8635_zps6d9da4e5.jpg
Food Truck Park schedule!

People who are near or working around Ortigas, you now know where you can hangout after office hours!:) I'm sure even if work was hectic, you can certainly unwind here and you'll go home with a happy tummy! The price range of the food are around Php 50 to Php 200, so it's pocket-friendly!

The Food Truck Park will be available every Tuesday to Friday starting September 13, 4pm at the Capitol Commons Park. Capitol Commons is located at Meralco Avenue corner Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City.
For more information, call 401.3332, or visit the Capitol Commons Facebook page ( and the Food Truck Park Facebook page ( for schedules


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  1. crinkle fries and fire fries was from GReat Burger Truck :D

  2. The Hungry Rover teamSeptember 16, 2013 at 1:00 PM

    Hi Ava! Thank you for featuring us on your blog. :) We posted this on the Hungry Rover facebook page. Thanks, hope you come back soon! :)

  3. love the yummy food... I want to taste all! ;) nakakagutom.. :P


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