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by - September 11, 2013

Mall of Asia being considered as one of the biggest malls we have in the Philippines, it's not unlikely for people to frequently visit there. Especially if you're like me who lives pretty close by. But the mall isn't the only place for you to stroll around or have fun at. They also have SM MoA by The Bay where everyone can enjoy tons of activities at their outdoor amusement park. :)

Having a toddler, it's inevitable to miss this place. So, last Friday when Athan and I were invited by SM FECI (SM Family Entertainment Center Inc.,) to a Blogger Day and I told Athan that we were going to experience their special attractions by the bay, you can say he was hyped up. =P

 photo IMG_8517_zpsefeec1b7.jpg
MoA Eye
 photo IMG_8519_zpscf905626.jpg
 photo IMG_8521_zpse2b6647b.jpg
Up up and a way! With Jen and Rach :)
 photo IMG_8518_zps119514db.jpg

Our first stop was the MoA Eye. This is actually my first time to ride it. It's the biggest and tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines. It has 36 air-conditioned gondolas and you have a clear and picturesque 360-degree view of SM Mall of Asia and the beautiful sunset by the bay. It was a lovely sight. I recommend you ride it around 4:30 or 5 PM. So to all couples out there, you know where to go!;) A ride costs around Php 150 to Php 250. :)

 photo IMG_8532_zps9b6c83cf.jpg
 photo IMG_8522_zpsf4888adc.jpg
going down...
 photo IMG_8530_zpsfa8c9ce3.jpg
 photo IMG_8526_zps3aaff322.jpg
Sunset :)

Next up, we had a wonderful Cruise by the bay. Another perfect experience for those who want to have a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. We again saw the beautiful sunset while cruising across Manila Bay and it was amazing to see the water that close. It was breath taking. I think this is one of the attractions you should try and it can also be a little learning experience for your kids as early as now on how to keep the water clean and never to throw trash in it. :)

Our last activity for the day was the Drop Zone. With its 40-feet (over five-stories) free-fall experience, this is definitely for the brave and adventurous kind of people. I was actually one of those people while watching the first few volunteers jump. But when I was up there, that was a different story. Haha!:))

 photo IMG_8533_zps3a34078f.jpg
The Drop Zone
 photo moabay_zps392719c6.jpg
All geared up and ready to go!

I'm the type who would go for anything when watching from below, but totally different when I'm actually going to ride or do it. May that be a roller coaster ride or a 40-feet drop zone. So, despite the height, I geared up and went for it. My YOLO moment as I would fondly call it. =P The Drop Zone composes of 2 jumps; 1 facing front and 1 backwards. For the front jump, it took me 10 minutes (that's long when you're up there) before jumping. I kept hesitating cos I felt like my heart wanted to make a jump out of my chest first from all the palpitation I was having! Kuya even had to push me or else I wouldn't have jumped haha!:)) 

For some reason I can't upload the video itself here, so if you wanna see my deathifying stunt (lol) click HERE :)

After my first jump, I no longer went for my second. Truth be told, it scared the heck out of me! BUT! I'm happy I tried it. Not guts no glory! lol! It was an awesome experience. Something to try once in your life even if you are afraid of heights. :) If you're not, then this would be a piece of cake!;) Believe it or not, their youngest jumper was only 4 years old!

Athan and I had such a great time. After the Blogger Day activities, we stayed for another hour by the bay to watch the fireworks at 7PM. Then, we had some snacks by the bay and went for some rides. :) It was fun! They have a lot more to offer other than the ones I just showed you. If you're tired of just staying indoors or malls, then this would be a good change. :)

Thank you, SM MoA and Full Circles Communication Inc. for an unforgettable Friday by the bay!


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  1. wow! That was fun! Wanna try the Cruise by the bay with my kid.

  2. Hi! How much is the cruise by the bay boat trip?

  3. So sad I missed this event!!! Grabe hahaha if I were there, baka di kinaya ng heart ko i-try yung drop zone!!! Haha juskooo </3 Glad you had fun babe! :*


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