Instagram Diary #18

by - October 06, 2013

Its been awhile since I last made a Instagram Diary post, so I hope you'll enjoy some of my September to October IG photos. :)

 photo ig5_zps5a9dd71d.jpg
 photo ig1_zps46fbc1bf.jpg

For some reason, I love love taking photos of food. Despite these being taken awhile back, I still feel hungry! Hoping I could go on a Raps steak date with the Hubby again after my night classes. :"> Oh and I cannot express enough how much I love salad and uber cute desserts!

 photo ig4_zpsf62e3840.jpg
 photo ig6_zps03b1d56b.jpg

Just showing two of my OTD from September. Wondering if I should go for a more boyish look this time around? I've been girly for quite some time. Besides, I already have a boy cut to get away with it. =P 

Also have my cat doll above. It was from my Angkong. I still miss him as much. But I'm trying my best to move forward. At least I have sweet memories of him and this little cat that he gave me to remember him by.

 photo ig2_zps7b79aa1c.jpg
 photo ig7_zps1f0b06ba.jpg

My current artsy loot from Hobby Depot and ear caps from different stores. :) I'm excited to get some more washi tapes and discover more new ear caps! Heee! I'm obsessed, I know. =P

Two of my favourite brands; Avon and Freeway. :) Always so thoughtful!

 photo ig3_zps28c3354f.jpg

Just a cute moment I captured of the boys and a day out with my best friend Nickie. :) We've been going out a lot lately and I hope to continue that!:)

Well that's it! If you want you can follow me: for more updates!:)


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