Ang Kulay ng Pasko!

by - November 15, 2013

Christmas is just 39 days away. Can you believe that?? This occasion is always considered a happy one. But sometimes due to the wave of people going out to buy early Christmas presents, congested public transportations and of course the all-day-everyday traffic a.k.a. holiday rush, we all tend to get more frustrated and grumpy rather than be merry about it.

Personally, one of the places that I dread going to would be the MRT. I suddenly develop a claustrophobic phobia. There's just too many people shoving and always moody at that. Of course, in return, I tend to get moody about it as well. But last Wednesday was a different MRT ride for me and I guess the people riding with me felt the same way too. :)

 photo IMG_2999_zps60d56168.jpg
Surprised by a group of karolers!
 photo IMG_2997_zps52e47b85.jpg

We were surprised by The Karoling Flashmob of Tang inside the MRT!:) It was pretty innocent, because at first they were in casual clothes. You would just think they're ordinary commuters and wouldn't mind them. Then all of a sudden, they took of their outer shirts off and were all in these matching green shirts and started singing Christmas songs!^_^ 

Here's a 16 second video compilation that I took of the songs they sang while we were on the train. :)

Now, what would you do if you suddenly encounter a Karoling Flashmob? This would certainly brighten up my day. The highlight even! Especially if it's just your typical "I have to catch the train to work and school" kinda day, right?:) 

 photo IMG_2998_zps74460ea0.jpg
Jen and Sofi. :)
 photo IMG_3002_zps54a36eb0.jpg
The ladies of Full Circles Communication. :)
 photo IMG_3001_zps9ecaf450.jpg
With my girls, Arnie and Christine :)

You rarely see smiles like these when it comes to commuters. Agree?:) Happy commuters, we are!:) Aside from us, of course, it was nice to see that some of the commuters inside the train really appreciated the effort to make them happy. You can see that some of them got curious and a kid would even sing-along. :)

I guess you might be thinking, Is there a catch to this? NO. :) 

Tang Philippines has brought together a special group of karolers to create a colourful Christmas for commuters, people who likely could use a bit more colour in their everyday ride. Through this project called "Ang Kulay ng Pasko", Tang's karoler's plan to brighten up the days of the often-weary commuters with the gift of song, as Christmas draws ever closer. :)

Tang has launched this campaign already last November 6 and has already prepared different surprises for commuters all over the Metro. As an early Christmas treat, booths were set up to offer different Tang juice colours and flavours to refresh those who may me tired from the daily grind or simply needed a little more colour to their day. Not only that, thousands of lucky commuters were also treated to FREE MRT tickets courtesy of Tang. How sweet, right? :) I hate long lines! hehe. :))

The only thing to this is that there's no given schedule. On selected days, a group of karolers will be paying visits to MRT stations and sing Christmas carols there. It will continue on different days, at different times, along different stations, in order to spread the colour to as many people as possible. It's basically a surprise!:) It's amazing! So be on the lookout for these Tang karolers!

For more information about this colourful and awesome campaign, visit…

Wishing you all a happier commute as Christmas nears! TGIF!:)


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  1. Aww nice! It would definitely brighten up my day as well! Good job, Tang!


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