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by - November 17, 2013

Would you be surprised if I told you that its been 3 years since my last full body massage or spa experience? Yes! That LONG! I don't know how I really managed that with the everyday tension, stress and tired weekdays at school. Well, I get some back and hand massages from the Hubby from time to time. Hehe! But of course, going to a spa is a whole different thing. Since its been 3 years, I guess it was about time to finally give myself a break and booked myself to a day of pampering and pure relaxation with the girlfriends at Ki by Neo Day Spa. :)

 photo IMG_3003_zps3c6b5587.jpg
 photo IMG_3004_zpsfed56ab8.jpg
Bringing on the zen!
 photo IMG_3012_zpsff37e302.jpg
Sssshh! Quiet Zone!

Ki is the kind of spa that offers holistic day spa treatments such a soothing massages, luxurious body scrubs and several face and nail services. The holistic part definitely caught my attention. I feel like I need to connect my mind, body and soul again. I've been so tired lately. Don't get me wrong, I love love love my kids. But sometimes, momma needs a break a.k.a. quiet time to get her mojo and energies back, so she can be a happy momma. ;)

 photo IMG_3010_zps169e45f5.jpg
Hmm…which massage to get?
 photo ScreenShot2013-11-17at15019AM_zps6ad413f4.png
Calling all preggy mommas!:)

When we got in the spa, we were greeted by their front desk lady and was asked what kind of services we would like to get. Of course we all wanted to get massages, so that was settled. The only hard part was decided on which particular massage to get. There were so many to choose from and may it be the hard part, I kinda got excited. It made me feel more happy to see which massage would help me revitalize. Finally, I found it! The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi!:) 

The price range of Massage services are from Php 320 to Php 1480. Depending on the service. :)

While browsing their menu, I was surprised to see that they offered Prenatal massages. When I was pregnant with both my Athan and Asher, I was told by my mom over and over that I preggy women are not allowed to get massages, because the intense pressure is bad for you. But at Ki Spa, they provide soothing massages that improves blood/lymph circulation, relieves the pain of spreading joints and overtaxed muscles. We mommies know these troubles. Thankfully, here's the solution!:)

 photo IMG_3005_zpsa02bc8f4.jpg
Different oils
 photo IMG_3009_zps54c5c401.jpg
For Facial Treatments . :) Price range of facial treatments go from Php 1,150 to Php 1,950 :)

After choosing our massage service, we picked out what oil we wanted to be used. I personally chose WOOD. The scent is lavender and it's for people who want to be relaxed. :) The girls and I got different massage services, but all in 90 minutes of pure zen. :)

Below are some of their facilities for treatments and services. :) Sorry if its kinda dark. The place is really made for unwinding or rest, so no extreme lightening here. ;)

 photo IMG_3013_zps0ac3a09f.jpg
 photo IMG_3016_zps640a7662.jpg

For our massage, we had it in the room below. It was so solemn. Even when I was having my back massage, the view was tranquil. I had my face down and the view was a bowl of flowers floating in a bowl of water. Wish I took a photo of it. Slipped my ready-to-relax mind. =P How can it not??

 photo IMG_3015_zpsb2e23852.jpg
With my girls, Arnie and Christine :)
 photo IMG_3014_zps862acb55.jpg
You have a hanger for your clothes and a robe :)

My massage started out with a sound of running water through a bamboo instrument and that was something different for me. But in a good way! Never experienced that. We know how calming the sound of water is. Makes you feel like you're in nature. :) 

The strokes of the therapist were fluid and had good rhythm. I would actually fall asleep from time to time, because it felt that good. But of course I don't wanna fully doze off, because I wouldn't enjoy the service anymore cos i'd be oblivious in dreamland. The therapist was also considerate of what pressure I wanted and it didn't hurt my body. 

 photo IMG_3017_zps380f3b35.jpg

After our 90 minutes of pure bliss, we were offered tea. A perfect way to end it!

 photo IMG_3011_zps936bc2b8.jpg
Relaxed momma ready for her daily grind again!:)

My first-time experience at Ki is something i'll never forget. I actually highly recommend that you try out their services. They have a courteous staff, good therapists and perfect ambiance to foster harmony and balance the mind, body and spirit. :) This will definitely be my new favourite place to relax. :) 

I give Ki by Neo Day Spa 5 hearts for their awesome services. I'll surely be back to try out their nail services next!;)

They're also offering home spa services now! Check it out!

To know more of Ki by Neo Day Spa and their services, check out their site below and branches. :)
Neo Day Spa -
Bonifacio Global City
G/F Net One Center Building
26th Street corner 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City

35 Wilson Street corner Washington Street
Greenhills West, San Juan City


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  1. Really loved our spa date ♥ Which reminds me that I need to blog it na rin pala!!! Hahaha oh my gaaad backlogs >.< haha!


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