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by - December 01, 2013

Boring flip-flops are the thing of the past. There are so many brands that offer fashionable ones that you can practically wear anywhere. One of the brands that I fancy now is Caribbean Footwear. :)

With the wide variety of designs that they offer and at the affordable price of Php 180- Php 300, it's no doubt that people can be easily lured to it. But of course, that's not all. Obviously, flip-flops are very useful during the rainy season. But did you know that Caribbean Footwear actually has a unique anti-slip technology? You can beat that you'll be dancing in the rain with these. :)

Every flip-flop is surely made durable, fashionable and most of all comfortable. I always believe that you should never sacrifice comfort when it comes to fashion. Wear what you feel comfortable in and it will show your confidence!:)

The great thing about Caribbean as well are their embellished straps. You can wear a simple outfit and let these adorable footwear standout. Especially during your foot pampering/pedicure days. This would go perfectly. Don't you agree?:)

Caribbean Footwear is available in all leading department stores, so be sure to check them out. Also, they just released their 2013 Holiday Collection, so grab a pair or two while you're at it!

For more information and updates, check out their sites below:



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