These Boots are Made for Exploring

by - December 13, 2013

Those who wear boots are kindred spirits. They know that the world is their battlefield and that they should be outfitted accordingly to face its challenges and hurdles. With the boots clasping their ankles and a part of their calves and shins, they are balanced, grounded, ready for an adventure. They are not afraid to assert their individuality. They are non-conformists, renegades.

Imagine those boots from Converse, a brand which has always extolled freedom, creativity and personal journey. Imagine them embodying the live-out-loud philosophy of the Converse sneakers. Imagine them bringing you to the farthest limits your body and mind will allow. What you’ll have is Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Boots Collection, one of this year’s biggest fashion revelations.

“Converse has a rich heritage of making boots,” says Eli Bonsol, Converse Philippines’ advertising and marketing manager. “Through the Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Boots Collection, we want people to engage with this valued tradition. Just like our sneakers, Converse boots encourage them to be out there, face their fears, smash through their comfort zone and live loud and proud.”

The de rigueur statement of the season, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Boots Collection features the same craftsmanship and attention to details we have known of the brand. Melding and stitching are meticulous employed to ensure durability and stability. Though the silhouette is essentially that of a boot, it has the feel, comfort and grip of a sneaker. Its skid-free soles and weatherized look make it at home in the city—or in any kind of terrain for that matter. And since it’s from Converse, its street cred is readily recognisable.

“Not all markets carry this line,” says Bonsol. “We are lucky to have the Weatherized Boots Collection in our shores, something that people can look forward to—especially during the Holidays—either as a gift for others or for themselves. They are for those who want to be different despite the world wanting them to be generic. They are definitely not for the faint of heart.”

Converse’s Weatherized Boots Collection is available nationwide in selected department stores, Converse shops and flagship store in Glorietta 2 Makati City.



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