How I spent my NYE and Day 1 of 2014

by - January 08, 2014

New Year's Eve is one occasion that my family and I really take to heart. My family is pretty small, so it's really the day when we all make sure that we meet up for dinner and open all our gifts. I know it may sound strange that we open it on New Year's Eve but that's just how we do it in our household. :) Yearly, it's celebrated at our house, but this year, we strayed away from tradition and stayed at Oakwood Premier from December 31 to January 2. 

Our staycation was fun. One our first day, we basically checked in around 3 in the afternoon and settled ourselves in our respective rooms. Mom treated the boys and I to our own room and I really loved our room. It was big enough for the kiddos to roam freely and the bathroom even had TV! Made us want to stay in the tub the whole day. :)

For our New Year's Eve dinner, we went to Dampa over at Macapagal. :) We had an awesome dinner there. My tummy was so happy, because most of the food served was my favourite!^_^ Death by seafood! Glad I got to spend it with my family.

In case you're wondering, I wasn't able to capture any fireworks. We finished eating at Dampa at around 11:30, so on our drive back to the hotel, we had a view of fireworks display haha. :) I was a bit sad that I wasn't able to take pictures of it. But at least I got to see it while driving. That's the bright side!


When we got back to the hotel, we had another feast. Yes, we brought that much food! Gutom? Actually that's just 70% of what we took with us to the hotel haha! How can you not have a lot of food on New Year, right? We also opened the gifts there. Well, mostly the kids. Happy babies!

I think we all slept late already after the fireworks. Around 4AM? Then the next day, we all woke up extra early to prepare for my Angkong's 100th death anniversary. Coincidentally it's January 1, 2014. But I'm glad cos we got to celebrate New Year with him. :) It's as if our family is complete again.

We all prayed for him and gave him our love. We love you, Angkong! You are always missed! I hope you will never ever be forgotten no matter what occasion it may be!:) 

After the temple, we went back to the hotel and took the boy swimming. This is actually my first time to swim with both Athan and Asher. Talk about multitasking! Hehe! I was a mommy lifeguard for a day! Whew! =P

This was so funny, because Athan wanted to try out Asher's floaty, so I allowed him. But of course, Asher had to stay warm and of course not drown, so I carried him while swimming. He was starting to get a little groggy. When Athan finally returned his floaty, I put him back. 10 minutes later, he falls asleep while swimming! Too cute!:)

And finally on our last day, we only had an hour till checkout, so the boys had fun time at the kids playroom of the hotel.


This is not the best New Year since my Angkong isn't around. But I am very thankful and grateful that Mom found a way to make it a happy and special one still. :) I enjoyed our New Year celebration. Cheers to 2014!

From my family to yours, I wish you all a happy and prosperous year ahead of you! May your dreams and goals come true. It's now the year of the horse!


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  1. OMG!! You guys look so adorable!! <3 So happy for you.. bonggang bongga ang saya ng NYE mo.. :) next time ma try ko nga yang staycation.. hihihi..maybe on Christmas eve.. hihihi :D

  2. Sleeping Asher is so cute!! :) Were you able to use your Instax around the pool too?:) It looks really nice there!

    xo, Bettina


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