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by - February 02, 2014

Growing up, did you ever encounter the Ice skating rink over at Megamall? If I'm not mistaken, it was the first ice skating rink I've ever seen at any SM Malls, because SM MoA only opened their in the early year of 2006. But along with the opening of MoA, the Megamall one closed down and I must admit I missed it. It already became a part of my childhood. Senti mode... =P But it's the truth! Which is why I am really happy for their big comeback and together with it, they also have the SM Bowling Center! These are the newest and the coolest entertainment hubs in the metro and both are located at the newly opened lifestyle wing of SM Megamall. How cool, right?:)

 photo IMG_0952_zpsd8f42aaf.jpg
 photo IMG_0954_zpsa1202251.jpg
 photo photo4_zpsb9788264.jpg
Photo from ANA :)

The Ice Skating Rink is located at the 5th Floor of the Mega Fashion Hall. 

The SM Bowling Center features a cutting-edge technology, the Bowler Entertainment System X (BES X), which allows customers to enjoy the game by combining the essentials of bowling and the most advanced offering of this new entertainment system to the market. This innovation permits patrons to chat with other bowlers while playing, and post their final game scores in their own Facebook walls. It also has the most updated scoring system, a first in SM Bowling Center, which gives the customers an option  to personalize their digital score board with their own photos, as it is driven to pursue fun and connection with today’s digital age.

The proposition of the newest bowling center in the metro brings in a package of all-in entertainment, with 14 state-of-the-art, fully-automated and synthetic bowling lanes, trendy billiards and videoke rooms. Adding to the newest attraction is today’s most sought after gaming console, the PlayStation 4, which has the premium technical achievement in terms of graphics and gameplay, with its advanced controller, Dualshock 4 which will surely add excitement to the gaming experience.

 photo IMG_0962_zps4f7bb0f0.jpg
 photo IMG_0960_zpsec8fba00.jpg
 photo DSC_0587_zps6437fc0c.jpg
 photo DSC_0592_zpsc8e496a7.jpg

The Bowling Center is located at the 4th floor of the Mega Fashion Hall. :) 

Aside from the Ice Skating Rink and Bowling Center, the blog friends and I also got to enjoy a free movie premiere of Jack Ryan at their new Imax cinema. :)

 photo IMG_0992_zps09ced608.jpg
 photo IMG_0993_zpsa50fb087.jpg
 photo IMG_0995_zpsc5bf545a.jpg

It's nice to see that whatever SM MoA has, SM Megamall now already has them too!:) Exciting!

 photo IMG_0997_zps17a7dba6.jpg

And finally to all the fashionistas out there! The new wing of the Mega Fashion Hall has a lot of new stores to offer us; Bigger and better!:) Most of the stores are still closed, but I already know where i'll go to when it comes to big fashion brands. ^_^ Below are just some of our favorite...

 photo IMG_1002_zps51a904be.jpg
 photo IMG_0999_zps126cbb7f.jpg
 photo IMG_0996_zpsf21ba848.jpg
 photo IMG_1001_zps4ccf4272.jpg

Just seeing all these stores makes me fear for payday! Haha!:)) Especially that the Hubby just works nearby. I have so much to go to now whenever I wait for him. Yikes!>_< But I must admit, I really love the new wing!

 photo IMG_1009_zpsf480ec37.jpg

How about you, guys? Have you seen the new wing and are you excited for it??:) 


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  1. Ohh yeahh that skating rink!!! Glad they brought it back! And the bowling center! How exciting! I'm also thrilled for the opening of new shops in megamall, especially h&m! :)

  2. Good thing I'm a bit far from Megamall or I'd be splurging every single day. Hahaha! :D



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