Macaroons for a Cause!

by - March 25, 2014

In this world, we may be able to buy the material things we want at any given time. But I think that nothing can ever beat a random act of kindness. It's quiet rare that I witness such a thing and whenever it does happen to me or I get to do such act to other people, it fills me heart with so much joy. I can't explain the happiness that I feel. It just simply feels amazing!

Which brings me to my point of letting you guys know how you too can do a random act of kindness or maybe you already have but don't know you it yet. :)

So, Red Ribbon has an ongoing campaign called Macaroons for a Cause. It's a harmonious collaboration among Red Ribbon, APL.DE.AP Foundation and Franklin Baker. It aims to increase access of the Filipino youth to education by providing public high school facilities, starting in Zamboanga.

Macaroons for a Cause is Red Ribbon Bakeshop's newest pastry offering that lets you enjoy coconut goodness in creamy perfection. Each pack contains 10 pieces of macaroons and sells for Php 50.00 at all Red Ribbon Bakeshops nationwide. For every pack of Macaroons For a Cause sold,  14% or Php 7 will go directly to the foundation to help build a public high school that will groom students in arts and technology, specifically music.

I swear, the macaroons are SO good! I got a box filled with 4 packs last Sunday and as of today, they're all gone! So I actually bought a new pack today! I guess I'm already starting on my random acts of kindness!^_^

Now, together with Red Ribbon, I want to start a Random Act of Kindness to you all by doing a giveaway!:) Yey! You just have to follow a few easy peasy mechanics and that's it!

There will be 5 winners chosen and out of the 5 winners, i'll be choosing one grand prize winner. :) The prize for the 5 winners will be one box of Macaroons for a Cause worth Php 200. But for the grand prize winner, aside from the Php 200 worth of Macaroons, you will get the chance to have a photo op with an international star/member of the Black Eyed Peas!:)


a Rafflecopter giveaway
Just a little heads up, there will be a sampling event on April 5 in selected Ribbon stores in Metro Manila and because of the sampling and the presence of a certain Black Eyed Pea member, the claiming of all the prizes will be done at that one store where the B.E.P. member will go to. :) So, this giveaway is open to people who are 100% sure they're available to go on April 5. :) I hope you're still up for this despite the given schedule cos I would love to meet you guys as well!^_^ But of course I know the main highlight for you all here is the international star!;) No hard feelings here, promise! I'm not tampo! hahaha!=P

Good luck and spread some random act of kindness while you're at it!:)


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  1. these macaroons look great mama ava :D you sure do get the goodies! brownies first then macaroons.... :P~ and it's for a good cause too. just awesome! enge! :P


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