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by - March 02, 2014

All my life I have been a Pasay girl. I've lived at the south side of the road and far end of the MRT ever since I was born. Which is why I find it funny that I often see myself at Quezon City when it comes to events or work. But even if I'm there most of the time, I must admit that I haven't gone to much malls at QC. I think I've only been to Trinoma or SM North Edsa.

 I always tell myself that I should try to discover new places and it was just so timely that last February 28, 2014, Ayala Malls unveiled their new lifestyle hub called the Ayala Malls' Fairview Terraces. :) 

Truth be told, it was a long drive going there. I think about an hour and 30 minutes? It felt alike a field trip, but I really enjoyed it and I thought the trip was worth it!

I had privilege to attend their press and media launch and most people asked, "What makes Fairview Terraces different from the other malls around Quezon City?" Well, for one, Ayala Malls at all times try to add something new to each mall they put up. You will definitely see familiar and new stores that you haven't encountered at Glorietta, Greenbelt, Market Market and the rest. 

The place is also undeniably beautiful with the lush, verdant gardens peppered throughout the mall. You can easily get a breather from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. 

Fairview Terraces' Central Garden lends a calm atmosphere of vertical greens, sprawling canopies, lively landscapes, and flourishing fountains at the heart of the mall. Around the Central Garden are delightful and varied dining choices that are sure to please everyone's palette. :)

You can even meditate here if you like…

It's very peaceful. Just look at Athan all focused. Hehe!

Athan, Paul, Kyle and Dani entering Fairview Terraces for the first time!:)

Entering the Fairview Terraces, you can see the many things you can do here. Fairview's youth will never run out of reasons to be captivated by the refreshing urban enclave. You can already sense the many concerts and celebrities meet-and-greet happening here at the Activity Center. They also have state-of-the-art cinemas that families and friends will surely enjoy.

From the convenient grocery shopping to trendsetting fashion selections, this mall has a rich variety of merchant mix, with over 420 merchants to match the vibrant lifestyle of Fairview's families. Imagine that?? 420!

PureGold is already a known supermarket that offers practical superstore solutions for the discerning shoppers and believe me, this PureGold really delivers what it says. You can find so many quality items here at such affordable prices. I was impressed when I did my groceries here. Got one whole eco bag filled with so much goodies for only Php 1,000.

Since it was the officially opening of Fairview Terraces, we were toured by the people of Ayala!:) Fun! We visited around 15 stores!

Athan's favourite event buddy--Niche. :)

If you're from Fairview, then you'd probably know this bakery or store, because we were told during the tour that every time Ayala Land, Inc. opens a new mall, they try to add or incorporate a store/s that is from the area. Such as Balai Pandesal! This is from Fairview, I'm sure, because on our way home, I saw another Balai Pandesal somewhere near the road. :)

Fairview Terraces can be seen as somewhat a high-end mall, but they also have a lot of restaurants and shops for all classes of people to enjoy. :)

Here are some of the stores we got to visit during the tour. You can treat this as a glimpse or guide on what you'll be able to see if you go to Fairview Terraces.

can you believe those chips are pillows??? Too cute!!

For the people who just can't get enough of accessories and all things quirky, you have Roy & Biv, Apostrophe, Funky Fish and Tickles to satisfy all your kawaii-shopping needs. :) So many pretty stuff! If only I had more time to shop that day!

For the parents and kiddos, don't worry! There are plenty of areas where your kids will surely have fun even if you're just at the mall!

They have Active Fun inside the mall! Would you believe that?? Athan was already panicking at the sight of it. He calls it "Softy playground" cos of the protection paddings inside the play area. They usually have different themes, like at Fort they have Carnival and here at Fairview Terraces, they have Safari. Cute!! Toys R Us is also present and it's quite big! I was fairly surprised they had Stabilo there. I love Stabilo!^_^ Of course, Athan had to pose in front of his "must-see-always" area, which is the Ninja Turtles. :) And finally, the very own playground of Ayala Mall. :) Almost all the kids were there busy playing. :)

Next up is for the people who truly love to bake!


Chefs & Bakers is such a cute store! They have cupcake cups, cookie cutters, cake toppers and paper packagings and straw!:) I actually got myself Minion cake toppers. They're too cute too resist! Though it was hard picking at first cos they have a lot of other designs.

They only have 3 branches and Fairview would be the closest to home.

Now for the fashionistas and sporty kids! We can't forget our love for clothes and fitness!^_^

 Stores like People Are People, Penshoppe, Adidas and Converse are already open and the stores are out with their new collections, so be sure to drop by these stores to get your latest fix of stylish items and sports gear. :)

The last store, but certainly not the least that we got to visit was the Brôw Lounge. The name already speaks for itself. I recently tried out their service and it's good. :) I'm actually considering having my brows done here from now on. They also have branches in Megamall and SM MoA. :)

These were the stores that we got to see and my gosh they weren't even half of what Fairview Terraces had to offer. I will surely come back soon to see the rest when they've finally opened. 

For now, look out for the following stores at Fairview Terraces…

Had such a great day and time at Fairview Terraces. I urge you to go and visit, so you'd know what I'm talking about!:)

With the blog friends; Paul, Alyssa, Kyle and Dani at the opening of Fairview Terraces :)

Fairview Terraces
Quirino Highway corner Maligaya Drive 
Barangay Pasong Putik, Novaliches, Quezon City 1118


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  1. Good to know that there are new malls in Fairview.Can't wait to visit this store when I go to the area.

  2. I'm the opposite... I've been a Northerner all my life and going to the south will be my field trip, hahahaha! I've only met you once at the SM Kids holiday hunt, so hopefully I'll bump into you in future events. Makati is as far south as I am willing to go. :D Fairview is also a fieldtrip if ever I decide to visit this mall. It looks really nice with the lush greenery and layout. Incidentally, my recent post is Karimadon, which also opened a new store there.

  3. oh m G! this is like... 30 minutes away from home but you coming from the south already visited the place. graaaaaah!

  4. This place has the same feel as ATC. Not surprising since this is an Ayala Mall din. :)

  5. Yey! I live near the area. Just a 10 min ride away. We'll be visiting this weekend. Excited esp to see the stores (which I usually don't see in the other malls I go to)!

  6. I do appreciate the detailed review. However, I just like to make a correction here. On the paragraph were you described the gardens, you said there were "flourishing fountains", however based on the other photos and descriptions of people from other sites (Facebook, Skyscrapercity, & Foursquare), there are no fountains currently in Fairview Terraces.


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