Two great pizzas in one!

by - March 31, 2014

When it comes to pizzas, I can think of at least three places that I would like to dine at. But when I crave for stuffed crust, you already know that I'm heading straight for Pizza Hut. :) They have THE best 3-Cheese stuffed crust pizza and I simply can't get enough of it. But Pizza Hut never seems to stop innovating their products and recently launched their new stuffed pan pizza that I got to try out with some of the blog friends!

Team Black: Niche, Ana, Kelly :)

Team Pastel: Nico, Pax, Me :)

But did you know why they created stuffed crust in the first place? Well, we were told that before, when people eat pizza, they observed that the crust would often be left behind as if its only purpose was for us to be able to hold the pizza's meat part. So, the genius that Pizza Hut is, created the stuffed crust! Now, people would even eat the crust first before the body! Amazing!

So what's so new about the Stuffed Pan Pizza this time? It now has Barbecue Chicken & Cream Cheese! Just the sound of Cream Cheese makes my mouth tingle with delight! But the really great thing here is you get two great pizzas in one!

 You can also have two feast options! Very perfect for the family or barkada! As for the blog friends and I, we had the Stuffed Pan Feast for 6! With the Stuffed Pan Pizza, you're also entitled to change the flavour. You don't have to limit yourself to Hawaiian. :)

Our awesome feast came with the following...

Iced tea

Garlic bread

Caesar Salad


Pretty yummy, right? Am I making you guys hungry yet?^_^

For our pizzas, we had the all meat supreme and hawaiian supreme!:) Like I said, you're able to choose your flavours! But just with a small additional price. :)

These come in Regular size Php 319 and Family size Php 479. :)

The stuffed crust is definitely stuffed! Just look at the chunky BBQ Chicken and oozing cream cheese! YUM! Craving this already as I type!>_< 

This is kinda heavy on the stomach, but I won't deny that I could finish a regular size on my own. Pacing lang yan! Haha!=P Super good! Two thumbs up!

And with something this amazing, it doesn't surprise me that it's endorsed by THE Manny Pacquio and beauty queens like Venus Raj!

So what are you waiting for? Make it great by starting your week with Pizza Hut's new stuffed pan pizza!:)

For more information, you may visit their FB page:


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  1. omygosh ava you made me drroooool!! and great to know they have creamcheese flavored pizza!!! :D

  2. hoohooo you guys make me hungry here. i love pizza and pasta from pizza hut!

  3. IT LOOKS SO GOOD! Drooling right now!!


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