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by - April 08, 2014

If you haven't been to Bonifacio High Street in awhile and you suddenly make a quick trip there, you might wonder, where did Muji go?? I know I certainly did!=P But fret not if you don't find it where it was before, because they just moved to a newer and better location!:)

Last Saturday, I attended the official store launch of Muji at their new home at C1 Bonifacio High Street Central!

To celebrate their reopening, guests were each given a tote bag with notebooks at the event to design it with our personal artwork and they called it MUJI YOURSELF! This is one of the many reasons why I love Muji. Since their stuff are known for being minimalistic, when you buy something from them, you have the pleasure of keeping it clean or designing it in any way you please!:) Main reason why I have been using their planner for two years now. It's the best for artsy people!:)

Anyhoo, the place was just bursting with artsy fartsy people that day and it was so much fun!

photo from Mad House MNL :)


I felt like such a kid while painting my Muji notebook. It certainly brought back so many art class memories in grade school and high school for me. Not to mention, the unlimited art materials that were laid out at our table for our free use and über cute animal cookies to munch on. Happy giddy girl here!

Since it's already summer, I decided to create a summer vacation theme for my notebook design. Aside from painting, I also used the stamps that Muji has in their store. :)

Oh and of course, here's a little tour on what the new store looks like…


The store is quite big and they have so many new stocks of clothes, notebooks and my favourite, the pens!!♥v I'm sure you guys are lured in with this all!

I also saw my loves at the event!:) Hi Pauly and Niche!^_^

Back at the Muji Yourself, they gave awards to the best artworks for the adult category and kids category. :)

Awesome popsicles, Tippy!:)

Congratulations to Tippy of Googly Gooeys for winning the best tote bag design for the adult category and the little girl who painted the cute circles tote!:) Such winning designs!

Tippy, Paul, Nikko of Mad House MNL and Me!:)

I'm always happy whenever I get to do anything arts and crafts related, so I had so much fun at the Muji Yourself event and store launch. Thank you for having me!:)

Visit the new Muji store at Bonifacio High Street Central!

For more updates and information, visit:


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  1. The first time I went to Muji, I was drawn by those colored pens! Im in love with all of them! hahaha And oh, I think I wanna check out their planner. Ive been a starbucks planner fanatic for 5 years now and I think I want to try something new. lol


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