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by - April 17, 2014

There has been a video going around online about a job interview that has asked applicants if they were willing to be in certain inhumane conditions, no vacation and no pay. It's actually dubbed as the toughest job in the world. 

*watch it here incase you're still interested*

Can you even bear or imagine that kind of job? 365 days, possibly no sleep and no pay? But there are billions of people who go through this job and it's none other than Moms!:) 

Being a mom is the hardest yet most fulfilling job in the world. I myself at a young age had to experience this and there's just so many things you have to know and understand all at the same time. No school or work can ever prepare you. Only when you've become a mother would you fully understand. :) But of course, I can't deny that for every task, I have to thank my partner in life, which is my husband and the ever trusty sterilizers, bottles, breast pumps and pacifiers that helped me through the years.

There have been a lot of brands that I tried as a mom and Pigeon is one them. I have a Pigeon wipes case and would you believe it's already 6 years old? It's so durable that through the years, we only had to purchase the refill packs. Up to now I'm amazed at how long it's been with us. I already have Asher and now he's using it. 

Main reason why when I got invited to attend The Happy Cycle Launch of Pigeon at Kimukatsu in Shangri-la mall, I immediately said "Yes!" because I know they're a brand worth trusting. I was anxious to know what they have new. :)

Pigeon has recently brought out a system of care products that ensures every mother a Happy Cycle of looking after the baby's health and comfort. 

Through Pigeon's line-up of baby feeding essentials, mothers and babies can now experience what the brand calls the "Happy Cycle." We moms know that taking care of our baby starts by giving them their most basic needs at that's breast milk. As soon as the baby comes out, the hospital already encourages this and it's the primary source of nutrition for our babies. And like I mentioned above, you need partners in your life to help you with your baby's needs and Pigeon is there to support you and make the process more comfortable.


Expressing--the act of taking milk from your breast naturally is the first step to the Pigeon Happy Cycle.   Pigeon breast pumps and other breastfeeding accessories allow you to extract your milk securely and with ease. So, whether you want to extract manually, through silent electric breast pump or a portable breast pump for when you're out, Pigeon has them all. :)

The Happy Cycle then continues with the proper storage of expressed milk. With Pigeon storage bags and containers, you can simply put away and store milk so your child can still have it later on. That way, no amount of milk from you is wasted, and its nutrients and freshness are kept intact. In addition, Pigeon also has breast care accessories such as breast pads, breast care gel, soft silicone nipple shield, and nipple care cream.

Asher using Pigeon :)

The third step in the Happy cycle is of course, feeding your baby. It's where you and your baby truly bond. :)

Developed more than 50 years of research and study, Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS technology enhances every mother and baby's feeding experience through the PERISTALTIC PLUS NIPPLE that helps your baby avoid nipple confusion, which occurs once your baby starts to shift from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding or vice-versa.

I remember when Athan was born, I wasn't able to fully breastfeed him, which is something I really regret. So, when Asher was born, I really made sure I would do what I could to breastfeed him longer than Athan. I turned to manual breast pumps and then transferred them to bottles. But there's a certain brand (though shall not be named) that I had so much problems with. Every time I would feed, it would leak so much. Imagine how much breast milk would be wasted? We even tried buying leak stoppers (is that what they're called?) but they didn't work. It was such a shame since the bottle was really expensive. So now, my husband and I are very particular with the bottles we buy. Had I known about Pigeon's bottles earlier and how they don't leak (see my little demonstration above), I would have gotten all Pigeon instead.


Finally, there's cleansing and sterilising, the last but equally important step in the Happy Cycle. Babies don't have strong immune systems yet, so we always have to make sure that the stuff the use are free from germs and bacteria. 

To boost baby protection, Pigeon liquid cleanser is 100% food grade to ensure maximum safety. Pigeon Sterilizers are also convenient, durable, and east-to-use, syncing well with every parent's bust and fast-paced lifestyle.

The baby wipes container in the middle is the same one I have at home and like I said, it's been with us for 6 amazing years!:) I also love their baby milk lotion. It smells so good and not sticky!:) 

Glad I was also able to get two white Peristaltic PLUS bottles from Pigeon and now Asher's using happily using them!:)

 "Moms today definitely have a lot on their plate--They are skilled multi-taskers who juggle different life priorities. But ask many and they will say that motherhood is really the best and most rewarding job of all. Pigeon's Happy Cycle aims to be their companion throughout this life-changing journey"--Maye Yao Co Say, Chief Operations Officer of Richwell Phils. Inc., the exclusive distributor of Pigeon in the Philippines.

With Ms. Maye Yao Co Say and fellow mom bloggers :)

with fellow mom bloggers :)

Every milestone in a child's growth is significant and I'm glad now I was able to rediscover Pigeon all over again---a brand that fully understands how important it is for us moms to have a healthy and happy child. :)

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  1. Most of my son's feeding bottles back then were Pigeon. I remember buying their nappy clips, too. :)


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