Tokidoki in the city!

by - April 27, 2014

When Tokidoki first got my attention in 2008, I started going crazy over every collectible that I would see here in Manila. Most often, I would find those cute Tokidoki collectibles at Hobbes and Landes. I would try to save up my allowance just to get my hands on them. But when I had my summer trip in Taiwan, I saw a whole lot of them at Taipei 101 and I just went crazy! They had these phone charms called Frenzies and my mom saw how much I was ogling at them that she was nice enough to get me two. :) I treasured these two so much that until now I still have them. Obviously ba? They look so worn out. >_< I also wanted the Tokidoki LeSportsac bags, but unfortunately I never got them. :((

To make it short, I have been a fan of Tokidoki for years! The Hubby has been a witness to that, so when I got an invite to the Tokidoki launch and to actually meet the illustrator Simone Legno in peson at SM North Edsa, it was like the heavens opened up and of course, it was a big fat YES for me to go!:) This made up for not being able to get the LeSportsac bag big time!!


From April 25 to May 30, you'll be able to live colourfully this summer and enjoy Simone Legno's work, which is now exhibited at The Block Atrium. You can explore and take photos in front of the wildly coloful Tokidoki Art Exhibit and pose with your favourite larger-than-life Tokidoki characters that are also displayed at The Block Atrium. :)

Donutella!!! ^_^

Stellina Unicorno :)))

I was just in awe when I saw Donutella, The Cactus Friends and Unicorno!^_^ Keychains already make me happy, but seeing huge displays just got me ecstatic! You could say I had a huge smile plastered on my face the whole time!:)

Finally meeting Simone Legno!!:) Did you know before he started out Tokidoki, he actually had a band??:) That's where his Tokidoki Punkstar inspiration came from. Cute, right?:) And when he went to Japan for the first time, he got so inspired by the culture and art that he actually went back 29 times, if I heard him correctly. I won't blame him! Japan is truly love and I'm glad he went or else Tokidoki won't be here!:)

After the interview of Simone Legno, Athan and I went to check out their Collector's Hall to see the rarest and most collectible Tokidoki products.

I love the Karl Lagerfeld so much! Even Karl himself is impressed that he has been turned into a Tokidoki. :)

Also went to their pop-up store and I wanted everything in there!

 Athan and I got some stickers and we're planning to go back again next week to get some cool figures and maybe a few stickers again. Heeee!!:)

Oh BTW, you can meet and greet the iconic Tokidoki character, Adios, every Saturday and Sunday of may and June, at 2PM and 5PM at the Block Atrium. 

Athan loves Carina from the Cactus Friends and Mozzarella from Moofia so much!:)

 I'm really happy that SM brought over Simone Legno and the über cute characters. :) 

To my fellow Tokidoki fans, don't miss out on this opportunity and head on to The Block Atrium!

You can also check out SM North Edsa's Instagram for updates: :)


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  1. A Tokidoki Pullip Doll! Grrr.. So cute. I feel like I'm gonna, at the very least, faint at the sight of those cuteness! I have also been a fan of Tokidoki and everything else cute :D


  2. I had a feeling they'll be featuring the Tokidoki x Onitsuka Tiger collaboration, and there it is! :) I wonder if they're selling the OT's, too. I collect OT's kasi. ;)

  3. I am so old! I don't know Tokidoki lol It looked like you and you son had a lot of fun!


  4. I think my family and I passed by this Tokidoki exhibit when we went to The Block last weekend, but there were too many people in the area. You must have been so thrilled to meet the illustrator of Tokidoki! :D I love those cute stickers. If I have any, I'd use them on my planner. :)

  5. Oh, how cool! I have seen updates from this event in IG. I was surprised to know that the artist is too young and cool (and a real punkster!)!

    I am not much fan of this Tokidoki.. I have only known it as a bag design :D But it is super cool when artists come here in Manila, and I get to know a little history. Hehe. Thank you for sharing and glad that you and your son had an awesome day during the event :)


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