A real friend calls :)

by - May 23, 2014

My best friend Nickie and I have a strong bond. We make sure to check up on each other everyday, may that be through text or Viber. No day is complete without hearing from her and I guess that's why our friendship has lasted for more than a decade. Same with my husband who I also consider my best friend. :)

But Nickie and I have different networks. Luckily, my husband is also Globe. So, I make sure that my network promo will be perfect for both Globe users and other networks.

Catering to the digital lifestyle of today's prepaid subscribers, GoUNLI20 offers unlimited calls to Globe/TM, 15MB of data for mobile surfing, and 20 texts to all networks for only Php 20 valid for 1 day.

The most affordable and easy-to-use prepaid voice and mobile data combo, call and surf without the needy for prefix dialing.

Provides value for money as the only prepaid promo that offers unlimited calls with free all-day surfing. 

Now you can get in touch with your friends all day cos A real friend calls! :)
To register to GoUnli20: dial *143# and select GoUnli20 from GoSakto or just text GoUNLI20 and send it to 8888. :) 

To know more about GoUNLI20 and other Globe promos, visit www.globe.com.ph


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