#BU7 x Sunsilk Photo Diary

by - May 16, 2014

We have finally reached the 7th Bloggers United and what a fun event that was, don't you agree?:)   I really enjoyed the day, because for the first time, I was selling with two of my best friends and I also got to mingle with a few blogger friends and readers. :) I can't thank Pax and Ana enough for inviting me to my 7th Bloggers United. It has been an amazing journey and I cannot wait for Bloggers United 8! I'm sure you guys are counting the months till December!^_^
But since BU8 is still 7 months away,  I shall reminisce on my #BU7xSunsilk experience through a photo diary!:)
*WARNING: photo heavy!* =P

Night before Bloggers United 7, I opted to ingress, so I wouldn't be so haggard the next day. After ingress, I went home to prepare a few stuff that I would be bringing and like every B.U., I designed my own paper bags again, but this time with the Summer Fair theme of #BU7xSunsilk! If you guys bought from me, I hope you liked my kiddy art!;)

If my paper bags are in theme with BU7, then so was my outfit!:) I picked out something tropical since it's summer. :) Hope you guys also liked this!^_^

And since BU was done last May 10, it still summer and the heat can be unbearable. Lucky for us, Sunsilk had a bus that fetched people from Megamall and brought them to Metrotent. Yey for not walking in the sweltering heat!

Before going in the venue, I was greeted by our super duper cute poster by Mad House Manila. It's by far my favourite BU poster. How about you?:)

I was also surprised to see the cute Instagram shots of ours posted on the window of Metrotent. :) Cool idea!

I spotted myself in three IG posts!:) Hehe! I'm especially fond of the ones with me, Asher and Athan. :)

And before you entered the Summer Fair of Bloggers United 7, I'm sure you saw these pretty ladies; Arnie and Christine. Such hardworking girls! They're part of the BU team!

Our blogger hosts were none other than Kelly Medina and Yuki Tansengco. Great jobs, guys and I love both your OOTD!:)

The place was big enough to cater to all the bloggers and there were quite a few people who dropped by our booth. :)

So thankful that I had my best friend with me this time around. If you bought something from my booth, chances are, you also got something from their brand new stuff!:) I'm also thankful cos I got to eat lunch properly and was able to roam around because of these two! Thank you!!:) 

Like I said, I was able to roam around, so I took photos of some of the booths that I saw there. :)

Definitely not a fair without popcorn and cotton candy!
Krissy and  Jho's really cute booth!:)
Banana Peel was present again!:)
Always a great hair day with Sunsilk!:) Did you try their booth out?:)
First time: Powerbooks :)
Unica Hija 

There were so many booths that I wasn't able to take a photo of cos I eventually had to return to my booth. But for the rest of the booths that I got to take a photo of, I joined in the fun of it!:) 

At the Instax booth with Angela :)

Always my favourite booth, the Instax!:) I remember last Bloggers United they had the yellow and black. Happy to see they now brought in the pink one!:) Makes me wish I got the pink one instead of the yellow haha! But don't get me wrong, I love my Instax Mini 8!

Dropped by the super cute booth of Nescafé. They had these cup of coffee that the best friend and I totally took advantage of. Heavy though, so we couldn't lift them up. Settled for a "coffee talk" pose. =P I love their new variant-- Cappuccino w/choco sprinkles. My new coffee pleasure!

Finally got to try out the new Nutella Blizzard treats of Dairy Queen. :) I got the Waffle Crisp Nutella and it was really good. Can't wait to drop by DQ soon and get myself one again!

The sun was really scorching that day, so I went to the Jamba truck to beat the heat! Ordered the Banana Berry smoothie and my best friend Nix got the Strawberry wild flavour. I liked mine, but my favourite flavour would forever be Chocolate Moo'd smoothie!^_^ Craving for it as I write this. Yum!

We had a lot of amazing sponsors for this event. One of the major ones were Sunsilk and Smart. They were so generous! Sunsilk gave out a lot of free shampoo gift packs and Smart gave away a smartphone to the girl shared her stylish OOTD.

Congratulations to the winner! Fab outfit!

Memorata by CLN was another generous sponsor. Would you believe they gave every blogger a pair of shoes? And on top of that, if you're wearing a Memorata shoes, you can drop by their booth and get another pair for only Php 100! Imagine that?? It was such a treat that I just had to avail it! Thank you, CLN!:)

Other booths that I fancied was the booth selling these cool can drinks. They only sell the really unique flavoured ones like Coke Vanilla, Dr. Pepper Cherry and A&W Cream Soda. :)

I also loved Reese Lansangan's booth. Too cute for words!! I bought two pairs of earrings from her and it was my first and only purchase of the day! But it was more than enough for me. I love it so much!

Of course, here's a little glimpse of my booth and the stuff I was selling. I still have some of these, so if you want anything let me know or you can always see them at BU8!

 And my favourite part of all the legs of Bloggers United, to meet new and old readers/friends!:) Thank you so much for making Bloggers United always so memorable! The selling and shopping can never compare to the feeling I get when I see you guys!:) It's just so heart-filling! Without your support and love, we wouldn't be where we are today. It's always THE best cos you all! To more Bloggers United and cheers to friendships formed!

Congratulations to my girls Pax and Ana for being so hardworking. Bloggers United has gone so far and I admire you girls for always trying your best to make it more awesome than the last. Love you, gals!:) Can't wait for BU8!

My BU loot!:)

Got my own Sunsilk gift pack and I cannot wait to use these and have fruity floral fragrant hair!:) They also threw in a notebook that I can use when school starts this Monday. :)

One of the heels I got from Memorata by CLN were these silver studded pair. This is the one that I got for only Php 100. :) Can't wait to use this too!

I also got a gift from my ever-supportive and sweet reader/friends Kristina and Cora Letada. They gave me a cute tie dye top and loom bracelet from their new shop Belle Chic PH. :) Please give them some love by visiting their shop! Thank you again girls!^_^ 

Lastly, got a cute notepad from FemaleNetwork, Zap Card and a photo from the Nescafé booth. :)

To my best friends, Lester and Nickie, thank you so much for making this Bloggers United so much more fun! I love you both!

Thank you so much as well to the people who dropped by my booth! Till the next!


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  1. I missed this year's BU! Sayang! It looked super fun, as always! :)

  2. Looks like a LOT OF FUN! I enjoyed looking at your photos.
    I've never been to BU, but this post made me want to drop by the next one tuloy hehe! Oh, and your paper bags are so cute! I love your cute artsy-ness!


  3. Sayang I wasnt able to stay long. Di tuloy tayo nakapag picture2x T____T Super babawi ako sa BU8! hihihihi :)


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