Make your Own Havaianas 2014!

by - May 07, 2014

It's that time of the year again when all Havaianas aficionados come together to celebrate the much awaited Make Your Own Havaianas event. :) I believe this has been going on since 2006; a total of 8 years, but this is actually just my second year to join in. You can read about my first experience HERE. And to be able to take part in it the second time around is just so awesome!:)

This year, the venue for the MYOH is at the new Glorietta Activity Center and the theme of the event was Brazil for us to have a little taste of what Brazil is like!:) I found that really awesome since I haven't been to Brazil and that it's great to remember where Havaianas originated. :)

Like my first MYOH, I also brought along with me Athan and while waiting for the program to start, we went around to mingle with a few blogger friends.

Happy little boy!

WithYuki and Nikita :)

With Trice, Seph and Beb Ana :)

It was so cool that we were given these festive headpiece to wear as we went in the venue. :) Makes you really feel the Brazilian vibe!:)

And finally, this is where the party--the Brazilian way--starts!

Everything was just so festive and fun! They launched Make Your Own Havaianas 2014 in true Brazilian style!:) We had catchy latino beats, colourful dancing and more! It made us all feel like we were in the streets of Brazil! 

Even the Havaianas assemblers came out dancing!:) It was a joy to watch them having so much fun and with their arrival, it only meant that it was time to Make Your Own Havaianas!!^_^ Yey!

Athan trying to help me out on the Havaianas wheel to see what strap and sole colour would go well together. :) Oh and don't forget the cute pins!

I super love the pins this year. It definitely gives you a touch of Brazil. :) Like last year, I went for slim straps and soles. But I got more pins this time. :) I chose the Caipirinha for sips and flavours of Brazil, Peacock pin for Brazilian wildlife and a clear crystal. :)

For this year's commemorative pair, you wear your wishes. Inspired by a 200-year old tradition from Brazil, the commemorative pair features colourful Bonfim wish ribbons that are worn for good luck.

Bonfim wish ribbons pair being assembled :)

Time to get my pair assembled!:) It only took 15 minutes to make it and I can't be any happier with my new pair of Havs!^_^ 

Also took photos of my friends who already finished making their pair. Cool colour combinations, I must say!

And here's my very own MYOH 2014 pair in white straps and light pink soles. :)

Another artsy fartsy pair for me!:) Can't wait to wear this out!

Before checking out my Havaianas at the cashier, Athan and I got our very own Bonfim wish ribbons and made our very own wishes.

A Bonfim works in 4 ways

  1. Wrap around your wrist
  2. Tie with three knots
  3. Make three wishes
  4. When the bonfim falls off, wishes come true

Of course the funny boy just had to make a funny wish and that is to have more toys. Haha!:)) As for me, I wished for love, happiness and to keep dreaming. My Bonfim actually fell off even before I got home. I hope my wishes do come true!:)

I had a really great time at the Make Your Own Havaianas 2014 launch. Thank you so much, Havaianas and Bridges PR for the invite!

Don't forget to save the day from May 8-11, 2014 to make your very own pair of Havs!:)

Visit them at the following to get updates:


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  1. WOW! It looks like a fiesta over there! I like the idea of putting pins to personalize your pair.
    I hope they also sell straps next time coz mine broke just a few months of wearing, so sayang. :(

  2. I used to be super addicted to Havaianas. Back then I collected the most elusive pairs, asking friends from my abroad to find them for me, haha! I stopped collecting four years ago, but I think I'll be buying a pair of two once their World Cup series comes out. :)

  3. Oh hindi ako binigyan ng bonfim huhu


  4. Too bad I missed this... had another event on the opposite side of the city. We would've met in person sana.:)


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