Fashion and personal style with Allison Harvard and Tim Yap!

by - June 08, 2014

I've heard about Style Origin for years. But last Thursday was my very first time to experience what it was all about.

 "Taking to heart how Filipinos love to be on top where style and beauty is concerned, the Ayala Malls takes its Style Origin celebrations, the leading lifestyle centre's annual event that heralds the newest emerging trends in local and global fashion, up a notch with their timely unveiling of Style Icons Allision Harvard and Tim Yap Dish on Fashion."

It was fortunate that I was invited to see this segment of Style Origin, because I like Allision Harvard. I've watched her on America's Top Model Cycle 12 and she's truly a beauty with her doe-eyed gaze and a great fashionista. She is after all considered this generation's Twiggy. :) While, Tim Yap who has been well known in the Metro's party scene with his distinct taste. Together, they represent the few style icons that would leave a mark in the young generation's image-building consciousness. 

If you watch the Tim Yap Show, you would know why their interview was set up this way and I kinda like it. It's Tim Yap's style and they look so comfortable!:) They had a 30-minute casual conversation focusing on how to harness and empower personal style with the world's rising fashion and grooming trends.

I really enjoyed their tips when it comes to fashion and facing the world. They made us feel that trends are just there as a guide and that fashion should be fun! If it isn't fun anymore and you get scared, then there's no point to it anymore.

I even took photos of their pointers, so that i'll always remember and be guided by it. :)

The last one that Allison said was very true. If you doubt your own style just because you envy another person's fashion sense, then you start feeling bad about yourself. Do what makes you feel good and happy. 

Tim Yap also had insightful pointers and I love how he highlighted the important ones and I also agree with him!:)

 This one is the best part of Tim Yap's tips. It's true that we shouldn't express ourselves for the sake of impressing people. Remember, you can't please everybody and this takes out the fun and personality of your style. Let's make fashion a happy pill when it comes to expression!

To better showcase the Style Icons' message of individuality, Allision and Tim lead four teens to a makeover in matching their own distinct styles straight off the racks of Ayala Malls' fashion-forward retail establishments. 

To prove that one need not change her fashion convictions to catch up with the current trends, Allision and Tim chose specialty clothes, accessories, and grooming looks to better complement the teens' personal styles. 

I personally love the girl that Allision Harvard styled on the right and the girl that Tim Yap styled on the right as well. :) 

In case you want to watch them, aside from Glorietta, Style Icons Allison Harvard and Tim Yap Dish on Fashion Program will be unveiled at Trinoma on June 13, Ayala Center Cebu on June 14, Centerio Mall on June 21, and Fairview Terraces on June 22. :)

photo from Yuki :)

Thank you, Ayala Malls for letting me experience my first Style Origin!

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  1. Love reading this post! I've bookmarked it. Wish they come here, too. And, I love Alli's outfit and shoes!!! Haha.

  2. Yay! Miss bumping here Ava! I like this segment! Reading your post makes me wants to be part of the show too! I mean you are very lucky to be part of this and those teens who are lucky to have a free makeover! "Let's make fashion a happy pill when it comes to expression!" THIS ♥


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