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by - June 17, 2014

I've been hearing a lot of friends and even my husband telling me that one of their requirement for school was a trip to the Museo Pambata. But believe it or not, I have never been to it as a kid nor was it even required in any of the schools that I went to as a kid. It's a shame, to be honest. I love almost all kinds of museums, so I can't believe I missed out on it as a kid. :( Boo!

But since I have my own kiddos now, my best friend Nickie, Lester and I had an idea of having a little field trip there last Saturday. It was the perfect summer ender before Athan went back to school.

Museo Pambata is a two floor building located along Roxas Boulevard and it's near Manila Ocean Park.

 photo IMG_5779_zps357d6437.jpg
 photo IMG_5780_zps8256fc31.jpg
 photo IMG_5785_zpsdbc5643a.jpg
Doing  colouring :)

Despite it being for kids, once you get in Museo Pambata, you can't help but also feel like a child. :) There's just so many things you do, like learn about history, do fun activities, interact with the displays and this was us just at the first floor!

Being here was like reliving childhood memories. Yes, I know it was my first time. But there were some things there that reminded me of my younger days. Got me all nostalgic!

 photo IMG_5787_zpse35e7893.jpg
Cute tiny jeepney!
 photo IMG_5783_zps29402463.jpg

This is definitely not just for the kids, but the kids at heart!:)

This little window reminds of the old school courting days when the girl would look out and the man serenading here down below. 

 photo IMG_5788_zps4a1ca655.jpg
Ahem! What's going on here???
 photo IMG_5789_zpsee22418a.jpg
Much better!!!
 photo IMG_5791_zps912c2c51.jpg

Athan sitting like a boss! His Angkong has a similar chair like this, only his is adult size. :) Missed him a lot when I saw this. Sigh.

 photo IMG_5804_zps576a8bd4.jpg
Shelves and shelves of dolls :)
 photo IMG_5792_zpsd0773f96.jpg
 photo IMG_5805_zps57207f29.jpg

While we were in this section of the museum, we were approached by a staff member of the Museo and  he told us that there was going to be a shadow play by none other than DLS-CSB! My school! Represent!!:) Such a coincidence that they were the featured weekend treat for the kids. :) BTW, they have different treats every weekend. :)

 photo IMG_5793_zps26f94b6d.jpg
 photo IMG_5796_zps29f8107e.jpg
 photo IMG_5797_zps86861013.jpg
Sssshhh…someone's listening to the story!
 photo IMG_5802_zps3d8c5cc8.jpg

The show was really well done. I love the Jose Rizal and The Little Prince. Kudos to the students from DLS-CSB!:) 

 photo IMG_5832_zps2067d3e8.jpg
 photo IMG_5833_zps659118f6.jpg

Feeling like Alice in Wonderland in this photo! Only I guess instead of pastries or cookies, I would be eating puto to get smaller hehe!=P

 photo IMG_5835_zps976d81d0.jpg

Aren't they the perfect couple?^_^ Hahaha!

After touring the first floor, we made our way up and discovered more cool things!:) The kids and I went crazy over the Science area a.k.a. the parts of the body!

 photo IMG_5808_zps6c3f11cf.jpg
Ewwww!! We're in somebody's mouth!
 photo IMG_5810_zpsd3c00e43.jpg
The barber on Don Carlos Revilla Street!
 photo IMG_5817_zpsb398bf64.jpg
 photo IMG_5818_zps4edfc792.jpg
He was screaming… "GET YOH NEWS PAPUHHH!!"
 photo IMG_5816_zps811dea7d.jpg
I juggle a lot of jobs, guys!
 photo IMG_5820_zps7479c46c.jpg

I love this little Barangay area where you have a barber shop, palengke, carinderia and other things you can find within your little city. :)

 photo IMG_5842_zps7a38fca2.jpg
Bahay kubo kahit munti, ang halaman duon ay sari-sari… sing with me! I know you want to! ;)
 photo IMG_5826_zpsa94916ea.jpg
 photo IMG_5823_zpsa2b2fb7a.jpg
 photo IMG_5824_zps632ded58.jpg
 photo IMG_5825_zps9f319912.jpg
 photo IMG_5843_zps99166dda.jpg

Next we want to this NOON at NGAYON area where it showed how people did things before and how innovation and technology changed our ways drastically. Truly, I miss the old days sometimes. Where we didn't really care much about social networks or the media. All we did was go outdoors and enjoy playtime. I hope my kids can still enjoy that.

 photo IMG_5836_zps9658350a.jpg
 photo IMG_5837_zpsdb0e4330.jpg

After the area above, we went back down and discovered we missed out on one room and it was the ocean and insect section. The ants are soooo big!! O_o Ewwww!!! Feeling like Dyesabel's pet on the first photo. haha!

Ended the day with this huge chopper!

 photo IMG_5845_zps0ae55d4c.jpg
 photo IMG_5846_zpsc75c2758.jpg

For the record, this is not a sponsored post. It's actually a very personal one and sorry for making this post like my photo album, but I just can't help but share our really fun trip at Museo Pambata. :)  It's not the grandest museum in the Philippines, but for a first timer and having two toddlers,  it was really fun!:) We enjoyed everything inside the museum. As soon as we got home, all Athan could talk about was wanting to go back. :)

If you haven't been or thinking of a cool activity for your kids, try bringing them to Museo Pambata! Entrance fee is only Php 150 and if you're a resident of Manila, just bring your ID and you get in for half the price!

I can't wait for our next museum trip! Hoping for The Mind Museum next! Wishing you all a great week ahead!


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  1. I loooove going to Museong Pambata. Last time I've been there was a year or two years ago, I think. But when I was a kid, I remember na meron pa silang moon rock doon pero when I went there the last time, wala na :(


  2. Love, love, love the photos! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I have to bring Yue to this place soon. :)

  3. It's been a while since I last visited Museo Pambata. I must go here soon! Isip-bata kasi ako. hahaha! :p

  4. Hi Ava!

    I just found your blog!
    It's amazing!
    You have great posts and pictures!

    I'd like to visit Museong Pambata and bring my niece there. And maybe i can feature it on my blog too!

    your new follower,



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