Bratpack Remix

by - July 08, 2014

Bratpack Remix Program is the brand's visual arts platform that envisions creative collaborations with artists and consumers. In 2012, Bratpack produced in-house designed patches, pins & bag tags, and invited customers to personalize their own bags. This year's Bratpack Remix Program will be the intersection between the brand's art and fashion platform.

This 2014, Bratpack is collaborating with 4 of the country's best visual artists to design the patches and pins. The objective of the activity is for consumers to create one of a kind artworks through the artists' designs.

The launch last June 30, 2014 was a success. They highlighted the artistic renditions of the patches and pins.

The following artists that were featured was…

Anjo Bolarda

 Cee De Guzman

JP Cuison

 Lala Gallardo

These are super cool artworks and I wouldn't mind having these on my Jansport bag. :) I can't wait to get my hands on Cee De Guzman's patchworks!:) Super cute!

If you want some cool patches too, head on over to Bratpack at Greenbelt 5!:)


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