Happy hour at Yabu!

by - July 10, 2014

Usually when it comes to the weekday, specifically Monday to Thursdays, we're all fairly not thrilled about it, because we have to face that reality of going through the daily grind of work or school. Not many of us brave it with a positive attitude. But I've started a new mantra a month back that a new week only means that we get to start everything right again and we get a new chance at anything we want to achieve or do. :) It's just mind over matter!

Aside from being optimistic, there's another reason to be happy about every Monday-Thursday's and that's the newly launched Yabu Cocktail!:) I actually had the pleasure of attending their launch last week and got to try the Yabu Japanese craft cocktails by Erwan Heussaff!^_^

Each cocktail is crafted with only 4 to 6 ingredients, as homage to the way the Japanese prefer their cocktails. All drinks are sake, shochu or whisky based. With 7 cocktails on the menu, each drink has strong Japanese flavor profiles and perfectly matches the Yabu Katsu.

The drink that I chose was the HONSHEA, which had Lemon and Sake. I personally enjoyed it cos of the light taste and it didn't get me tipsy since I have a really low tolerance for alcohol. >_< So yey to this! I heard from my blogger friends that The Yabu's Kick was strong. So, I guess if you want a kick to your drink, you should go for the Whisky based. :)

I wasn't able to try everything, but in case you're interested to learn about the other concoctions, here they are….

I was able to get a sip of this and it was really interesting, because it had Wasabi!:) Something that I never thought would go well with a drink. But i guess, surprises at Yabu are always good! :)

So now, Monday to Thursday will no longer be dull! For you can always go do Yabu for cocktails! Oh and if you go from 5:00-8:00 PM, it's going to be 50% OFF on all cocktails! Great deal, right??:) 

So where will you go later??;) Yabu na yan!! Treat yourself to Happy hour!

Ana, Christine, Keigh and Me :)

Yabu Craft Cocktails will be exclusively available at Glorietta 5 branch. :) 

For more information about Yabu's Craft Cocktails and other updates, visit them at:



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  1. We haven't gone to Yabu in a while, but the happy hour cocktails is inviting.

  2. Seems like a fun experience! I better check this out with my friends. Time to try their cocktail drinks!

  3. I was there too! I loved the bar chows and cocktails as well! :)

  4. Nabuhay naman bigla ang bahay-alak ko after reading this post. Haha! Sana may ganyan din sila pag weekends. :)

  5. love Yabu! In a month we visit almost twice a week esp. when bf and I feel stressed at work. We are 'suki' of Yabu atc! I would love to try their cocktails but like you, I also have low tolerance level with alcohol, so maybe honshea is the right choice if ever :D

  6. Lovely event cover, Ava. One Highball for me please. :)


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