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by - July 22, 2014

As a kid growing up, I would have packed lunch or baon as we Filipinos fondly call it whenever I go to school. It's the one thing that I would look forward to when it comes to recess, because my baon is kind of a surprise to me. I never really know what my grandparents or mom put in there up until I open my lunchbox. It was such a treat for me. I remember that one of my favourite baon would be the Hansel Sandwich in Mocha. It's very old school for the 90s kids, but that flavour is still around and they've added three more-- Choco, Milk and Butter. But Mocha is still the best for me. :)

There is another kind of Hansel though that I've learned to love more than the Mocha and that's the Hansel Premium Cheese sandwich. :) I remember the Hubby coming home one day and asked me to taste this yummy biscuit. From then on, I was hooked!

But to be honest though, I didn't know that there was also Peanut Butter flavour!

Two weeks ago, I attended an intimate event of Hansel Premium and I'm glad I made it on time! I thought I was going to be so late cos of the traffic. But good thing I was able to go, because aside from learning about the Peanut Butter flavour, the wonderful people of Rebisco also gave us the premium experience for that afternoon. :)

We were greeted by a hummer limousine and that already pretty much sums up my happiness! It was my first time to ride a limo, so I couldn't contain my excitement. We also had some wine and all the Hansel Premium cheese we wanted!:)

We went around the Ortigas area in our Premium ride and had fun talking about random stuff. 

We even had a game of who can say Hansel Premium the longest. I had the same breath length as one of the bloggers, so the two of us had to do it more than twice haha!:)) But it was so fun! I remember laughing a lot on this ride!

So happy I was also able to bond with my love Arnie and Mommy Shen on this short trip!:) We're team CHEESE!

The Hansel Premium is really good. If you want something new to munch on during your break time at work or school like me, you should definitely try the Hansel Premium Sandwich--soft crunch cookies with tasty and premium filling! 

Thank you, Rebisco for the wonderful afternoon and yummy Hansel Premium snacks! Day well spent!:)

For more information about Hansel Premium, follow them at:


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  1. I love hansel, the original one. Whenever i open a pack im always transported to my childhood! I saw a box of this at home but have not touch kasi in denial ako na even hansel is changing haha

  2. If there's one biscuit I would gladly eat my entire life, it would be the Hansel Mocha Sandwich. Now, I am so excited to try Hansel Premium! :)

  3. I was supposed to attend this event but a sponsored event came up huhu Sad to have missed the limo ride ; (


  4. Awesome car! I haven't tried that variant. I should grab one when I visit the grocery next time. :)

  5. I am currently loving this like my old time favorite Ritz with cheese filling... Nakaka adik lng!

  6. Uuuuy, my son and I love Hansel Premium! Their Peanut Butter sandwich is the bomb!

  7. I always love Hansel! Super bango niya.. Dati I remembered nung highschool days, pag may nagbukas ng pack sa classroom, amoy na amoy namin lahat... super nakakagutom. hhihi :D And unitl now, binabaon ko pa rin sila sa work in case na magutom ako wala sa oras :D

  8. My one year old son loves Hansel! Amazing day indeed... My eyes grew big at the sight of the Hummer... dream ride ko. hehe! Cute ng romper! Looks cute on you!

  9. This is really nice especially for bonding moments with friends. I love pairing it with a cup of coffee or hot choco. Perfect this rainy season. :)

  10. Ive seen that limo a thousand times! I wish I can ride there too! hahahaha.
    Anyway, the cheese sandwich reminds me of an international brand. cowhead cheese?

  11. Wow! The event looked fun and cool!!! bongga na bongga yung limo na Hummer! :D

  12. Oh wow! Would love to try that ride! :) I actually by Hansel Premium cheese sandwich ever since I tried it since it launched in the market. I like it better than the mocha. :)

  13. I love Hansel in all flavors... Ang bango bango niya saka sobra flavorful :-) I love the Hummer Limo ride experience sana ako din nakasali. Ang saya saya!

  14. This looks like a fun experience! I love Hansel and so do my kids. :)


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