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by - August 06, 2014

I must shamefully admit that this blog may be called ARTSY FARTSY AVA, but it seriously lacks a lot of ART DIARIES post for months now. But to be fair, I do most of my artsy stuff on my Instagram. =P But I promise to do more on the blog as well and to start that off, i'd like to share with you guys through a photo diary a really artsy event that I attended last Saturday at Fortune Hall, Centris; The Instax D.I.Y. Day!:)

Despite the rainy weather that day, I managed to get to the venue on time and I loved the little Travel Set up that Mayday Manila did. :)

It's really cute, right?? This was everyones favourite place to take their photo or maybe an excuse to take their OOTD, like me!;)

Since this event was all about designing your Instax, FujiFilm had a lot of booths related to arts and crafts materials or simply stuff that we can use for DIY and also cool workshops lined up for the afternoon. :)

My and Christine's printed photos :)

Each guest that went to the event was a given a Stabilo Pen and ticket that allowed us a total of 7 prints at the Instax Share booth. Naturally, people crowded that area first and why wouldn't we?? People who doesn't have the Instax Share yet get to experience it firsthand and we get to print our phone pictures for FREE and get them in an instant!:) We also had the chance to choose which photos we wanted to decorate. 

Super cute Washi Tapes from Paper Blush!:) They have really nice and affordable Washi tapes. They were also nice enough to give awesome freebies to guests who signed up at their booth. :) I got an adorable memo pad!:) Thank you, Mae!

They also had an Instax booth where all the cameras, films and Instax Share was on sale that day!

Maped brought some cool pens and DYMO label maker, so we could put some on our Instax photos. :) Oh and kudos to them for bringing scissors! We were able to cut our papers in one of the workshops cos of them!:)

The place was packed with people and I'm glad I got the chance to attend the biggest workshop with my fellow blogger friends and classmates for the day- Seph, Trice, Christine, Arnie and Tracy (not in the photos huhu :( ) :)

Can you guess the popular outfit print that day??=P Haha!

Kerwin's doodles on Instax :)

The first workshop we had was taught to us by none other than Kerwin King. :) He's such a talented artist when it comes to doodling. I had the pleasure of seeing his work before the workshop and I was blown away at how he doodled on his Instax films. They look like they're actually embedded on the film and it's as if Instax really has doodle films. Amazing!:) He taught us doodling as well. I liked how hands on he was with us by going down the stage, monitoring the progress of each table and even praising everyone's work. :) 

Thank you, Kerwin for the awesome workshop! I had fun!

The second workshop for the day was how to make Bookmarks out of your Instax pictures and it was taught to us by my blogger friend Anagon!:)

I swear, this girl is so creative! She always manages to think of great designs or anything out of the ordinary. :) Keep it up, Beb!

The initial instructions was to make a bookmark, but Ana decided to tweak it a bit and allowed our creative juices to flow by letting us do whatever we wanted with our Instax film and All About Scrapbooking Materials. :) Of course to inspire us, Ana and All About Scrapbooking had a giveaway and the 5 most creative posts on Instagram gets a gift pack. Just hearing that, all of us really tried our best to impress our teacher!;) Hehe! There were so many competitive students, mind you!

Hi Monica! hehe :)

I, on the other hand did a bookmark of Asher's printed photo and so touched that my teacher Ana loved it! hehehe! Thanks, Beb! Super loved your workshop! The best!

The last, (but definitely not the least) workshop was done by also another blogger friend, the beautiful Verniece Enciso. :) She was the surprise guest and newest Instax Share ambassador!:) She did some cute pop-up greeting cards. Who would have thought that this was possible, right?? Love it!:) She was even sweet enough to make a car for Baby Vern and Vern! Cute Cute!

Well, that caps of my first Instax DIY Day experience and I so cannot wait for the next one!:) Thank you for having me, FujiFilm Instax and Mikee!!:)


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  1. Woot! Can't wait to reunite with you again soon, love!

  2. Oh my, that looks like a really fun event. I would totally look forward to seeing more posts from you tagged as "Art Diaries." I have always loved your choices in colors and the way you do designs. :D


  3. The event seems fun! I would love to have an Instax soon! :)

  4. Such a fun event! I'm thinking of getting an Instax for my birthday. No actually, I'm hoping hubby gives me one as a gift. Haha! :)


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