Teddy's Bigger Burgers is now open!

by - August 23, 2014

A few days ago, I went to the Media launch of Teddy's Bigger Burgers and It had 3 slots for the day, but I opted for the last together with my blogger sisters, which was at 6PM. The place has been packed since morning and I was just so surprised to see that despite the busy day, the staff was still so perky, courteous and just excited to serve us. :)

Teddy's Burgers is Hawaii's best burgers, so it's no wonder that the place will kinda remind you of a beach or shack. 

To be honest I'm not a huge burger fan But when I do find myself wanting a burger, I always make sure that it's my money, time and stomach's worth. I'm picky that way and I really want the kind of burger that has a lot of healthy stuff in it. I know that may sound ironic, but what I mean by healthy is that it has huge chunks of tomatoes, lettuce and cheese. :) Some burger joints are stingy on those three. 

Even if I'm not a burger fan, being a foodie I still do crave for it from time to time and I always like dining at new places, so I know where I can bring my friends or family next. :)

I guess you're wondering what's special about Teddy's, right?

Teddy’s uses only 100% fresh chilled ground chuck (no fillers or binders). Burgers are hand pattied daily and always charbroiled to order. Super Sauce is Teddy’s own sweet and tangy creation, not the usual thousand island dressing. Teddy’s Teriyaki Sauce is a traditional recipe made from scratch. Our produce and buns are the highest quality and are delivered fresh daily.

They take pride in giving their customers the quality they deserve. :)

Most of the people that came to dine that night ordered the famous Waikiki burger and I as well. I got so overwhelmed that we got to add our own toppings and I always love bacon with my burger. Super sinful, I know!!>_< But you can't deny that it's the best combination!

Aside from the hefty choices in toppings, you also get to choose your sides of fries or onion rings. 

I had the cheddar cheese burger with bacon and onion rings. I got shocked when I saw my order cos the burger and onion rings was so HUGE!O_o I actually found it a bit hard to eat my burger (in a good way!), but it was definitely one of THE best burgers for me.  Big tomato and lettuce-- Check Check! Cheesy-- Check! Juicy Patty and bacon-- Super check! :) I enjoyed it a lot!

My blogger sister Ana is a vegetarian, so you might find it odd why she's in a burger joint. Well, it's different at Teddy's cos they made her a special lettuce wrap instead!:) Coolie!

My loves Arnie, Christine, Joed and I almost had the same order. We just differed a bit with our toppings. :)

Teddy's Burger is awesome! Did you guys hear or even went to their official opening today? The first 100 customers got FREE burgers! Wow, right??^_^ Amazing! I also heard they gave away 1 year supply! Sarap!!!

I truly enjoyed my dining experience at Teddy's Bigger Burgers and I so cannot wait to bring my burger-loving husband and friends here!:)

To know more about Teddy's Burgers, visit them:


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  1. That was one hell of a huge burger! hahaha Nice photos!

  2. Sad I missed this event, I was not able to go ; ( The burger looked so juicy and huge!


  3. Hi!! Are a blogger from the Philippines? Aww how much I miss my home! If this is in the Philippines then I would definitely go here someday! Also, I find it cute that they made your sister her own special lettuce wrap. x) wanna follow each other? ^_^

    Follow me, I follow back: http://czarinabear.blogspot.com ♥

  4. Nom! Those pictures have said it all, Ava. I think I just knew where to dine tonight. :)

  5. i'm not a huge burger fan either but I really want to try Teddy's! That burger looks really huge!! :)

  6. Nice to see you there Ava! Me exposure pala kame ditto! Hehe

  7. Free burgers for a year?! Sweeet! :)
    Ako naman, I love burgers. But no pineapples on mine, please. ;)


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