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by - September 01, 2014

Whenever my mom would come home from Taiwan, she would always always always ask me where's the best place to eat. There have been a lot of restaurants that opened in Manila, so it's not really difficult to know which places to take her at. The only problem is, how many people are dining in that restaurant. Usually, there are a ton of people and we'd have to wait in line. But there it's worst when we totally don't get to sit down and have to look for another place. 

Don't you just hate it when you're mind, heart and stomach are already fixated on that restaurant and you can actually imagine the taste of that certain food, but then every slot or time is reserved already? That's a major bummer for me.

Thankfully now, my dining out experience in the metro will be so much better! This is all thanks to Iñaki Lamata, one of the founders of Eat Out Manila. :)

Eat Out Manila, a smartphone application also accessible via its web-based interface, offers a real-time experience that allows users to lock in a table at the restaurant of their choice- anytime and anywhere.

Recognizing the challenges of booking a restaurant table where one has to pick up the phone on one hand, and the restaurant, at the receiving end, has to keep a manual log of reservations, the founders came up with Eat Out Manila to offer a quick and easy way of getting things done.

Initially available through the Apple iTunes store, Eat Out Manila allows its users to search for restaurants with a variation of filters such as cuisine and location, restaurant, or by any cuisine, menu type or price range. Preferred time, date and number of persons are also required to check the availability at the chosen restaurant. Users can register via providing their details or logging in via Facebook. Users also have the option of accessing Eat Out Manila via its web-based interface.

Once you confirmed your reservation on the app, you will also get an email securing your reservation.

Iñaki teaching us how to use the app. :)

Eat Out Manila's partner establishments. :)

Aside from the hassle-free table reservations, Eat Out Manila also offers exclusive deals to its valued app users. Discounts, gift certificates, and freebies from top-notch restaurants await the lucky foodies who will be booking a reservation at any of Eat Out Manila's partner establishments. 

Now there are more ways to enjoy your mobile app when you're out!:) Oh for sure the family and I will enjoy our dining experience more!

At the launch of Eat Out Manila, fellow bloggers and media people were able to enjoy scrumptious food at one of Eat Out Manila's partner establishments Rambla!:) It was Tapeo heaven!! 

Bread with Tomato & Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Php 125

Cold Octopus Carpaccio with Hummus, Red onions, Coriander & Sweet Paprika - Php 495

Foie Gras Mousse with Caramelized Apple & Coffee-Baileys Foam- Php 295

Beef Tenderloin Capaccio :)

Prawns "Al Ajillo" & Shitake Mushroom - Php 425

Spherical olives marinated in extra virgin olive oil - Php 45 per piece

 Aside from the great food, I'm really glad I learned about this awesome app!:) I can't wait to start using it with my friends and family!:) To my fellow foodies, lets ditch the long lines and hours of waiting outside restaurants by booking through Eat Out Manila!

You may now start your restaurant booking adventure now by visiting or downloading the app from the iTunes store! It will be also available on Android soon!

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  1. The FOOD looks real good! *drool*

  2. Great app! I much prefer this compared to calling a resto, especially since some of their lines are constantly busy.

  3. Aww, thanks for this update! My friends and I are always looking for places to dine out and this is such a big help. :)

  4. Everything looks good!!!!! Let's have dinner soon. :">

  5. I have not eaten at Rambla. The food looks delish! Hopefully I can visit it soon!


  6. I hate waiting in line (don't we all), so this app sounds good to me. I hope they launch it in the Play Store soon!

  7. Awesome app! I usually get frustrated that I have to call via landline most of the time to reserve, good thing somebody thought of creating this app. Will wait for the android version soon! :)

  8. Awesome app babe! Foodies will love this! Thanks for sharing!


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