Flight 001: Japan Collection

by - September 12, 2014

As early as 4 years old, I was already travelling and by the time I reached 7 years old, I was already travelling as an unaccompanied minor. It's the kind of relationship that my mom and I have since she works abroad. But even if that's the case, I enjoyed my summer vacations packing, hopping on a plane and seeing a new place. There's only one thing that lacked though. I always had the typical travel stuff or to bluntly put it--ugly. Imagine me, a girl who loves all things cute and gets stuck with plain jane travel products. Sad! -_-

I may not be able to bring back time, but I'm so glad I now know about the unique travel store that is Flight 001. For 15 years now, Flight 001 remains to be a one-stop seamless shop for products as functional and unique as the travellers. :)

The new Japan collection of Flight 001 only makes me want to say, TIME FOR AN UPGRADE!:) No more typical, average luggages! It's time to get new travel companions like these beauties!

Cargo Carry-on Luggage

Dash Check-in Luggage

Denver 48 Hours Bag / Denver Utility Bag

JFK: Airline Bag / Overnighter Bag / Shoulder Bag

LGA Carry-on Bag / LGA Tote Bag

Rollaway Carry-on Luggage / Rollaway Check-in Luggage

I definitely want a CARGO luggage in pink or yellow. For sure i'll be the envy of every girl traveler! hehe!:) 

Aside from the launch of their Japan collection last August 28, 2014 at 2nd's Restaurant at Fort, guests from the media were able to enjoy a night filled with good food, great company and an awesome quiz night! All of us had to bring out our travel game-on!

Truth be told, I researched a bit on the possible questions that will be asked. >_< Only two were asked. Everyone was so competitive! But I had fun!:) Even Athan can't help but join in the fun! He was our boy when it came to erasing!

They also raffled out some cool Flight 001 stuff!

One of our team member won a pretty Cargo luggage bag! Lucky!!:)

We also got the pleasure of meeting the brainchild of Flight 001, John Sencion and Brad John. They were funny and definitely such talented guys. :)

 Just in time for its 15th anniversary, Flight 001 is thrilled to announced a rewards promo for flight crew members. Flight attendants and pilots may simply present their flight crew IDs and get 20% discount on all Flight 001 products in all Flight 001 stores worldwide. Plus, the discount also applies to non-Flight 001 products in select stores. :)

That is definitely a great way of making flight crew members feel loved and important! After all, their job is really tough. Imagine having to deal with grumpy and demanding passengers day in and day out. Flight 001 salutes them and so do I!

Head out to Flight 001 and find all your travel needs and essentials all in one roof!

For more information, connect with Flight 001 Philippines at https://www.facebook.com/flight001Ph 


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  1. I know from experience, as I'm sure you do, that function trumps form when it comes to luggage for frequent flyers. I really like that this line is both very practical and attractive!

  2. I wish there's a giveaway for this!!! wishful thinking!!!


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