Mystical Pandora

by - September 14, 2014

When Pandora first arrived here in the Philippines, a lot of people went crazy over their bracelets and who wouldn't be? I myself couldn't help but ogle at their beautiful pieces every time I pass by their store. Especially their charms! My my my! They're just precious! It can signify or be a reminder of many things in your life; an adventure, relationship, your favourite animal, a passion, career and so on. I actually already have a few charms in mind if I do happen to get a Pandora bracelet someday. ;)

Pandora is just lovely and dreamy! Which is why I got so excited when I got invited to the launch of their 2014 Autumn/Winter collection. No one can say no to Pandora, so it was definitely a big YES for me!

The event was held at new Mega Fashion Hall, located near their store. :)

The Pandora A/W' 2014 collection is a creative reimagining of an enchanted forest. Picture the tall, swooping trees lining the woods, or the golden fallen leaves from its branches, the somber moon as it lights up the autumn starry sky, or the mystical florals that bloom in the twilight. A sense of otherworldly wonderment for autumn has arrived.

See for yourself why this new collection will captivate you…

Pandora creates a new magical classic that mirrors their mystique and novelty, and altogether polishing it off with signature sophistication. I'm sure this collection will also somewhat remind you of magical and nature-inspired films that you watched growing up. :)

The series boasts of beautifully textured and ultra-feminine rings, earrings, charms and pendants, which can be collected over time and stacked, combined, and styled with other pieces for a truly personal look. Crafted from sterling silver, 14k gold, coloured enamel and sparkling cubic zirconia, the A/W collection melds tradition with innovation to create unforgettable moments and stylish sentiment.

" You have gone through the forest and the night unafraid.
Imagine if you could go through life, gathering the precious charms that are symbols of life's mysterious and wonderous unfolding."

To complete this wonderful night of whimsy, guests were treated to a beautiful and graceful ballet performance.

Echoing the Autumn/Winter collection inspirations, Pandora brings to life the mystery and magic of the forest thru interpretive ballet and scenography. The newly opened SM Mega Fashion Hall was the backdrop for staging "A Mystical Tale with Pandora." Renowned director and playwright Floy Quintos, celebrated set and custom designer Gino Gonzalez and no less than the Philippine Ballet Theatre were tapped to interpret the fantasy-inspired Autumn Winter collection. The ballet story narrates the lead character- Pandora's journey in search of precious discoveries and valuable moments.

And speaking of moments, glad that I got the chance to enjoy this beautiful event with my blogger friends and to see and chat with a long time friend, LJ. :) You look great!

I only have praises for the 2014 Autumn/Winter collection of Pandora. :) I can't wait to collect charms and create my own unforgettable moments!:) Thank you for having me, Pandora Philippines!

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  1. I love the dangling earrings! So beautiful! I am quite amazed how they transformed mega fashion hall into a mystic place! :)

  2. I have been seeing these bracelets everywhere.
    very lovely.

    Ms. Kei

  3. I hope to receive or buy my own pandora charms and bracelet someday too! :)

  4. I am a Trollbeads girl but this collection looks so good, I might just be a convert!


  5. Pandora is love! Oh, to have those shimmering leaves! :)


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