A beautiful day for a wedding!

by - October 09, 2014

I love weddings. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew this already. I want to be that beautiful bride that walks down the aisle and see the love of her life waiting for her at the altar. I want to have a reception filled with friends and family. I want to have an AVP that people will gush at and maybe get teary with when they watch as they eat their dinner. I want to have my dream wedding someday. I can be a hopeless romantic when it comes to weddings. It's a beautiful affair and it makes you believe that there is such a thing as true love. I guess that's why I always cry when I see proposal videos and wedding videos. ^_^ Oh love! 

Until now, even if I already had my civil wedding, I still want to have a church wedding someday. No matter what it takes and how long it takes. I want to fulfil that dream and allow God to bless our marriage. :) 

Last Friday, I attended my very first church wedding from our CSA high school batch. It was one of the most beautiful events I've ever attended and I'm so happy I got to witness it. Here's my photo diary of the event...

I don't really like wearing makeup. If I can avoid it, I would. But when it comes to my hair, that's a different story. For me, if my hair looks fab, nothing else matters! haha!:)) I got my and the best friend's hair fixed by BLO. They did an amazing job with my hair. My funky ombre really popped out! Thank you so much, BLO SM MoA!

The theme of the wedding was pastel, so naturally we came in our best pastel attire!:)

The Hubby had work that day, so my date was none other than Athan. :) He too wore a pastel orange polo. :) He looks spiffy!:)

While waiting for the wedding to start… picture picture with the friends and high school friends I haven't seen in forever!

The BFFs!:)

Nicole, Elise, Me, Nickie and Raphi :)

With the two lovely bridesmaids; Nicole and Elise. :) I love the colour that Ana and Mark chose for their wedding; mint green and light pink!:) Oh and the flower arrangements are so gorgeous!!!

Finally, the most beautiful girl that day!:) Loving her elegant gown by Cecilio Abad. 

"You may now kiss the bride!"…. Sigh… ^_^ Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Hilario!! Wuhoooo!!!

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!!!:) 

I've been showing the front of my dress in the past photos, but really, guys, the highlight of my dress is at the back. Bringing sexy back! hahaha hohoho!!=P Got this dress from SM Woman. :)

With my other girl, Keigh who also looks dashing in her Trishka Puno gown. :) 

Keigh, Me and Nickie :)

The reception was held at Shangri-La Makati and the set up was heaven!!:) To beautiful for words! I know I've said "beautiful" so many times already. But how can you not?? Just by looking at the pictures I'm sure you'll agree!:)


Obligatory photo with the pretty bride!:) Thank you so much, Ana for having me and Athan at your wedding! I only have praises for it! May you and Mark have a happy marriage and may God bless you always. :)

Ladies in pastel.. :)

Can't wait for my own wedding someday. Time to save up big time!!! hahaha!:)) In God's perfect time. :) 

Congratulations again, Ana and Mark!!!



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  1. What a wonderful theme for a reception! Also, I love, love, love your outfit. <3

    Life With Antlers // A Personal Blog

  2. Beautiful photos! I love your dress! xx

    x Francesca of https://primpandpaper.blogspot.com/

  3. Whenever I'm attending weddings, I can also see myself as "the bride" someday. I would always craft the perfect wedding dress, the perfect church, the perfect reception... It's a girl thing, I guess!

    Oh and I so love your hair. Gusto ko rin ng ganyang curls. And the dress is a mix of sophisticated and sexy. :)



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